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Ahmed Johnson Recalls Backstage Altercation With The Rock

Ahmed Johnson poses

Ahmed Johnson has described getting into an “altercation” with The Rock, claiming his rival was “running his mouth” when he shouldn’t have been.

In late 1997, The Rock was a long way from being the megastar he would later become, but his stock as part of the Nation of Domination was on the rise.

At that stage the group were locked in a feud with former member Ahmed Johnson. However, out of the ring, there has long been talk of a backstage fight between Johnson and The Rock.

Speaking during a recent interview with Gregory Iron of Iron-On Wrestling, Johnson again touched on the incident. The former Intercontinental Champion claimed that The Rock had been “running his mouth” which led to the altercation.

“Yeah, we had an altercation,” Johnson recalled. “He was basically running his mouth when he shouldn’t have been running it.”

In an earlier interview with High Spots, Johnson offered more details, During the conversation, Johnson said that The Rock had been “getting a little cocky” and wasn’t willing to do his high spots. He confirmed that a “few blows were thrown.”

However, in 2021, Bruce Prichard recounted a very different version of the story on his Something to Wrestle podcast. Prichard suggested it was Johnson who instigated the fight, but eventually backed down.

Elsewhere during his Iron-On Wrestling interview, Ahmed Johnson said that he was due to be the leader of the Nation of Domination before Vince McMahon changed his mind. Johnson also made the bold claim that Shawn Michaels prevented him becoming WWF Champion because of his race.

After leaving WWE in early 1998, Ahmed Johnson took a break from wrestling before heading to WCW, debuting in early 2000. However, his time with the company proved to be short-lived as he was out of the door by the middle of the year. Johnson wrestled his final match in 2003.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.