AEW’s Latest Signing Confirmed

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A new All Elite star confirmed that she has signed with the company during an interview.

Harley Cameron has made several appearances for AEW in recent weeks as part of QT Marshall’s ‘QTV’ stable. Cameron has been seen in TMZ-style vignettes with the group which also includes Powerhouse Hobbs and Aaron Solo.

The star recently took part in a virtual signing for K&S WrestleFest and commented on Hobbs losing the TNT Championship to Wardlow, saying the group have a “Plan B”.

“For now. Just for now but we have a plan B coming up so, we’re very well-equipped for what’s happening next (when it comes to Wardlow being TNT Champion) but, I’m loving AEW.”

She went on to confirm her signing and said being part of the promotion is a “dream come true”

“AEW’s amazing and it’s just awesome being there. It’s my dream. My dream came true so, very, very happy.”

Cameron later signed a trading card, saying it was the first one she had autographed since becoming All Elite.

“Someone has made one of me (trading card) a year ago. Gosh, forgive me. I don’t remember. I think it was two years ago actually they brought it to me but, you’re my first one since being signed so… (she laughed)”

Wardlow sets sights on Goldberg

With QTV in his rearview mirror, Wardlow now has bigger things on his mind in the form of the legendary Goldberg. Now that the WWE Hall of Famer is a free agent, the match seems more of a possibility, and Tony Khan has even admitted he is interested in signing the star.

During an interview with Simon Miller at WrestleCon, Wardlow claimed it “wouldn’t get any bigger” than a clash between the pair.

“So I think Wardlow versus Goldberg, it doesn’t get bigger than that. It does not get bigger than Wardlow versus Goldberg. It doesn’t.”

H/T to POST Wrestling for the above transcription.