AEW’s Dax Harwood Calls For WWE To “Do The Right Thing”

Dax Harwood

Along with his FTR partner Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood has proven himself a fan of legendary tag teams of the past, and he’s calling for WWE to acknowledge one team he feels deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Taking to social media, Harwood posted a photo of Dennis Condrey, one half of the legendary Midnight Express team that was managed by Jim Cornette. He called for the sports entertainment giant to induct The Midnight Express into the WWE Hall of Fame, an honor that was bestowed upon their legendary rivals The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express in 2017.

“1/2 of the greatest tag team of all time, Dennis Condrey of The Midnight Express. The fast paced style of tag team wrestling is attributed to this man & Bobby Eaton. Do the right thing WWE. Put the Midnight Express in the Hall Of Fame this year.”

The Midnight Express originally began in Tennessee with Randy Rose, Dennis Condrey, and Norvell Austin as its members. In 1983, the first of the better-known Midnight Express teams then took shape with Bobby Eaton joining Dennis Condrey as a two-man team. They also added a manager, the incomparable Jim Cornette. This was the team that began the legendary feud with The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express that lasted decades.

The Midnights famously competed in the ‘Skywalkers Match’ at Starrcade 1987. This was a scaffold match where Condrey and Eaton faced the Road Warriors – Hawk and Animal. The Road Warriors won the match before chasing Cornette up the scaffold. Cornette’s ensuing fall caused him serious knee damage.

In 1987 Condrey left and Stan Lane was then brought in as Eaton’s new partner. This iteration of The Midnight Express is the only one to win NWA championship gold. Together Eaton and Lane captured the NWA US Tag Titles three times. Their biggest win came when they defeated Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson to win the NWA World Tag Team Championships. This occurred in September 1988 with Blanchard and Anderson on their way to WWE.

Dax Harwood And Cash Wheeler Turned Down WWE Gimmick That Would Have Seen Them Imitate Tag Team Legends

During a recent episode of FTR with Dax Harwood, the former Scott Dawson recalled getting into an argument with Bruce Prichard over a proposed gimmick that would see him and Cash Wheeler (then known as Dash Wilder) imitate legendary tag teams of the past in a comedy role.

Harwood was vehemently against the gimmick, believing that he would not only be making a mockery of his own tag team, but also showing disrespect to some of his wrestling heroes.

“Bruce is going to call us in his office to try to sell us on it, as it’s this great visionary idea. I looked at Bruce, we kind of had words, ‘You think this is good?’ ‘This is great for you guys, it’s what you need.’

“I’m going to be making fun of the people that I think have built this business and legacy. We’re not only going to shit on me and Cash, we’re going to shit on them too, ‘the Rock N Roll Express are nothing but jokes. The Fantastics and Fabulous Ones were corny 80s wrestling.’ These are my heroes.

“The next week they told us that, they gave us the verbiage of ‘going down yonder to sit on the creek with our grandma and grandpa to shoot some muskrats.’ Whatever they think rednecks say. I had the mic to say the verbiage and I said, ‘this is some real Martin Scorsese shit,’ and I threw it down.”

Following Dax’s argument with Bruce Prichard, the star was called into Triple H’s office to discuss the situation. Triple H laughed, but Harwood didn’t find the situation funny.

“I got called to Hunter [Triple H] and Bruce’s office. Hunter did laugh, he thought it was funny. They never devoted TV time to let us develop as characters, but they were willing to devote TV time for this and to try and embarrass guys who I considered to be heroes. That’s what bothered me.” (h/t Fightful)