AEW World Tag Team Title Match Announced For Next Week’s Dynamite

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On the February 1st edition of AEW Dynamite, The Acclaimed duo of Max Caster and Anthony Bowens walked into Dayton, Ohio confident and optimistic.

They, along with Billy Gunn, did their usual hype promo before making easy work of their opponents, who appeared to be local competitors.

But it was what happened after the match that had viewers talking.

AEW Tag Title match confirmed for next week…by Billy Gunn

As Bowens and Caster celebrated their victory, they were interrupted by the Gunn Club, who once again challenged for the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

Bowens cut a standard babyface promo and asked the crowd if they believed the Gunn brothers deserved a shot. The crowd clearly said no, which Bowens took as a clear sign to decline the Gunns’ challenge.

But then the Gunn brothers started arguing more and getting physical, until Billy Gunn separated the two teams. Visibly frustrated, Gunn left the ring, only for his sons to make some extremely scathing comments towards him.

At first, one of them chastised Billy Gunn for “turning his back on them, just like he did when they were kids.” That comment made Billy Gunn stop for a second, but he didn’t make much of it and continued to walk back.

Then, when he didn’t turn around, his son went even further by saying, “do what you did in the past: drown your sorrows in a bottle of pills”. That DID cause Billy to return to the ring, and he was furious.

After a small technical difficulty with the microphone, Billy Gunn asked if both of his sons “had their big boy pants on”. And after neither one backed down, he – Billy Gunn – approved a World Tag Team Championship match for next week’s Dynamite.

As the time of writing, The Acclaimed have been AEW World Tag Team Champions for 134 days, which makes their reign the fourth longest in AEW history.