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Former AEW World Champion Claims MJF Would Be “Watered Down” In WWE

MJF kissing his Dynamite Diamond Ring

A former AEW World Champion believes MJF is better off in the wrestling company he’s already in.

MJF made a splash on the June 1st edition of Dynamite cutting his now infamous “pipe bomb” promo where he criticised AEW President Tony Khan.

Fans haven’t seen the star on television since, but his grievances with the company are well engraved in the minds of everyone who watches the program. There has been speculation that MJF wants to leave for WWE and be paid like a top-level superstar. Well, at least one former AEW World Champion thinks MJF is better off with the company he’s already in bed with.

While speaking on talkSPORT, Chris Jericho gave his honest opinions about MJF wanting to leave for WWE:

“Oh absolutely [his character would be watered down in WWE]. He’s better off staying in AEW. But, again, don’t stick your finger in the light socket.

Jericho would then say if it came down to it, he wouldn’t tell his former rival to stay. He compared his situation to the one he faced in 2017 when he left WWE after being put on second with Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 33. While the two have partnered up in the past, Jericho believes it’s best to stay out of MJF’s business and focus on his career.

MJF’s contract will reportedly end in 2024. In his spectacular Dynamite promo, the AEW star referenced that he’s fed up with Khan paying ex-WWE talent more than than him, as him as well as branding his boss a “mark.”

AEW has removed everything MFJ related from their social media and promotional material. With no signs of his return, his future remains a topic of discussion for many wrestling fans.

h/t – talkSPORT