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Tony Khan Says AEW Was The Number One Wrestling Show In The World In 2019

Tony Khan

After a 2 year gap since his last appearance, Tony Khan has returned as a guest on the Talk Is Jericho podcast where he discusses everything AEW.

After talking about how Tony Khan and AEW reacted and adjusted for the pandemic, Tony went on to proudly reveal that in 2019 it was AEW who were on top in the wrestling world for live attendance figures per show.

I can’t wait until our fans are back! Our attendance, when it’s safe to do shows, will be even stronger than it was in the year when we were the No.1 wrestling company in the world in 2019 in live event attendance per show.

And we ran a lot less events than WWE did, but, on a per show basis we were No.1 in the world in attendance, which is pretty awesome!

Khan went on to praise the planning and storylines set up for the 2020 schedule which could have drawn even bigger audiences before the pandemic hit – hailing the 2020 AEW Revolution PPV as “one of the greatest ever wrestling PPV’s”.

In 2020 I think we had a great chance to replicate [the 2019 records] because we were off to such a great hot start thanks to so many people and great stories – of course the hottest before we got shut down was Jericho vs Moxley, which was amazing, and Revolution is the best show we’ve done and one of the greatest wrestling PPV’s I’ve personally ever seen.

Reflecting on the successful 2020 despite it’s challenges, Khan spoke so highly of the staff and stars he has at his disposal.

From a TV standpoint, we’re actually stronger than where we left off before the pandemic. The only wrestling show on television that can say that and it’s a testament to what we’ve done in our creativity and in presenting the show.

AEW’s run of success is clearly a group effort, Khan always quick to compliment those around him – It’s evident that there’s a real bond between Khan and his staff.

Jericho and Khan go on to discuss ‘Little Brodie’, how he brought Sting into AEW and the creative freedom he allows the roster to have when planning storylines. You can hear the entire episode here.