AEW Veteran Predicts Next Big Star WIll Get Over “With Their Mouth…Not A New Move”

Jeff Jarrett backs away from Sting at AEW Full Gear

While the AEW roster is full of up-and-coming wrestlers putting on showcases in the ring, one veteran thinks the next true breakout star will get there with their skill on the mic rather than their moveset.

Jeff Jarrett became All Elite in November 2022, bringing with him decades of experience in multiple wrestling promotions around the world.

The veteran has seen it all through his time in the ring as well as working behind the scenes as a promoter himself.

Now, he has detailed the advice he would give to younger wrestlers as they try to become breakout stars.

Jeff Jarrett wants young AEW stars to focus on their mic skills

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Jarrett explained that many younger wrestlers don’t want to be produced, but the reality is that nobody can produce themselves.

“The minute I go up and try to give unsolicited advice, for whatever reason, it never goes the right way. So I have found, and there have been a few probably not as many as you think, but a few guys (have approached me), but that ability to convey emotion and I think it goes way outside of wrestling, kids being coachable or wanting to be produced are so few and far between.

“And that’s the magic, nobody can produce themselves. It just doesn’t work. Everybody’s got a certain level of charisma, it’s the ones who knew how to get the charisma out. But you have different guys to have breakout years or breakout moments.”

“When it comes to getting to the next level, Jarrett says the guy who is “truly a breakout” will get there with his verbal skills, not a new move.

“When you’re looking at, okay, what’s it going to take, and I’m not gonna sit here and say I can define the next level. I think the next level goes with ratings and merchandise sales and YouTube views and, you know, drawing, selling hard tickets, I think it’s all of the above.

“But the guy who truly is a breakout, it’s going to be by his mouth. You’re not going to see a new move, it’s going to get somebody over. It’s somebody who breaks through the crowd, and it’s going to be with their verbal skills.”

It’s those skills Jeff Jarrett wishes stars would focus on.

“That’s what I wish guys would hone in on, take a step back and look and say, ‘I’ve got to be a better talker. If I could be a better talker, that’s going to keep me up at the top of the card’ But who’s that gonna be? That’s a great question.”

AEW already has its fair share of great talkers, with the company’s World Champion, MJF, arguably being at the top of the list. While the star is rarely seen in a match, he has kept himself at the top of the card through his diatribes against opponents and fans.

The Salt of the Earth will take part in his second bout of 2023 at Revolution on March 5th when he defends his championship against Bryan Danielson in a 60-Minute Iron Man Match.

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