AEW Teases Dissension Within The Elite On Dynamite

The Elite

The main story of the March 22, 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite was The Elite being taken out. The show opened with a shot of the Young Bucks being put into an ambulance and then taken to a hospital.

The actual attack was not shown, but it was heavily implied by the commentators that this attack was perpetrated by The Blackpool Combat Club, who also attacked Stu Grayson after he lost his match with Jon Moxley.

Midway through the show, Alex Marvez tried to get a word out of Kenny Omega and Don Callis. Although Callis didn’t acknowledge Marvez, the camera did zoom in on Callis who tried to get Omega to focus on his main-event singles match with El Hijo Del Vikingo. Callis then insinuated that Omega was “better off without The Elite”, which made Omega pause for a moment.

In the main event, Kenny Omega fought El Hijo Del Vikingo in a 20+ minute match that could’ve gone either way. Vikingo came close to winning several times, especially after hitting a running 630 senton from the ring through a table and a springboard poisoned hurricanrana.

However, Omega was able to pull out a win after avoiding another dive and hitting a few V-Trigger knees and his One-Winged Angel finisher.

But Omega’s night wasn’t over yet.

Before he could get more than one sentence out in an impromptu post-match interview with Tony Schiavone, Omega was attacked by the Blackpool Combat Club. This beatdown went on until Hangman Adam Page returned in the same ambulance that he left in earlier with the Young Bucks.

Don Callis deceived Kenny Omega into thinking Adam Page hit him on AEW Dynamite

Hangman made it to the ring carrying a 2×4 with nails in it as a weapon. With this equalizer, he was able to clear the ring of the BCC. But as he stood there to keep anyone else from entering the ring, and as Omega lay on the mat recovering from his beatdown, Don Callis got into a small confrontation with Hangman.

Hangman brushed Callis off but Callis took a bump and then fell to the mat to sell as if he had been hit by Hangman’s weapon. It was at that moment that Omega became lucid. He saw Don Callis on the mat “in pain” pointing to Hangman, who still had a blunt instrument in his hand.

Omega, visibly angry, got in Hangman’s face and Dynamite went off the air with the two men arguing and Hangman pleading his innocence.