AEW Wrestler Claims Talents Are “Systematically” Stopped From Getting Over

AEW Dark

In a controversial recent post, an AEW Superstar has claimed that wrestlers assigned to AEW Dark are being systematically prevented from becoming bigger stars.

An original post from Ryan Nemeth, brother of former WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler, highlighted the huge number of views that his Instagram video’s were receiving in comparison to main roster stars, with his words drawing a response from fellow AEW Dark Superstar Sonny Kiss.

Nemeth’s original post appeared on Twitter, with the 38 year old stating:

“Are #AEWDark wrestlers (who don’t win) supposed to be this popular compared to the main roster storyline guys I’m worried is this bad am I doing it wrong HELP”

Kiss, who debuted at the Casino Battle Royale at AEW’s inaugural pay-per-view event Double Or Nothing in 2019, quickly responded to Nemeth in seemingly tounge in cheek fashion:

“We, the #AEWDark wrestlers aka “jobbers”, are very much just as popular and talented as the main roster stars. We’re just systematically not supposed to be”

Kiss would follow up the comments, clarifying the belief that the current system does not allow the exposure that the main roster talents receive:

“For clarification, I wasn’t calling us jobbers (hence the quotes) Just perception of us for some. I’m also saying that the system isn’t put into place for a lot of us to equally thrive & gain more of an audience/brand because some signed #AEWDark wrestlers aren’t at work weekly”

Sonny Kiss, who identifies as Gender-Fluid using He/Him & She/Her pronouns, previously competed against former AEW Executive Vice President and current WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes for the the TNT Title at Fight for the Fallen 2020. Whilst unsuccessful, Kiss noted that match was hugely important for providing representation to LGBTQ viewers and showing them that their gender identity should have no impact on their potential in wrestling or the wider world.