AEW Stars Show Off The Brutal Aftermath Of Blood & Guts

AEW Blood and Guts Kota Ibushi

If you need any visual evidence to see if AEW Blood & Guts lived up to its name, wait no more.

The brutality of the bout left no man untarnished as several of the stars showed their scars following the aftermath of the match.

Wheeler Yuta, who was choked out by a chain to indirectly end the fight, showed off his bloody face on Instagram.

As expected, Jon Moxley bled quite a bit in the battle and showed off his latest crimson mask in a rare social media post. Moxley expressed his excitement before the bout, hoping to put the pain on The Elite, but he ended up being the one to submit in order to save Yuta from the aforementioned chain.

Kota Ibushi really stuck it in his AEW debut, both literally and figurately as Ibushi came out on the winning side, but also left with a back full of thumbtacks. The photo he posted online will likely not curry him any favor with Jim Cornette, who already gave Ibushi a “disparaging endorsement” on his latest podcast.

There Was More Fans Left With After AEW Blood & Guts

The “blood and the guts” of the fight was only just one aspect of the battle Wednesday night. Blood & Guts took up the whole second hour of AEW Dynamite as it was The Golden Elite who walked out victorious when two of the fighters on the side of The Blackpool Combat Club walked out on their team. Don Callis pulled Konosuke Takeshita out of the bout when the chips were down and an argument with the team caused The Bastard PAC to bail as well.

One man who won’t be abandoning their squad is Kenny Omega as The Cleaner made clear that he remains loyal to The Elite following their war with the BCC.