AEW Star Was “Mad” When The Hardys Signed With WWE

AEW The Hardy Boys

The Hardys received heat from a current AEW star for a botched move during a tag match earlier in their career.

Matt Hardy confronted Christian on a recent episode of AEW. Captain Charisma disrespected the Hardy Boys during the confrontation and claimed that Matt was riding his brother’s coattails.

The Hardy Boys have a history with Christian dating back to their TLC matches with him and his partner Edge during the early 2000s. The Hardys utilized their death-defying tag maneuvers in many of their matches involving Christian, sometimes at the expense of themselves.

It seems that Christian has had problems with The Hardy Boys since day one.

In the latest edition of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy spoke about Christian initially giving him and his brother a rough time at the start of their careers. Matt Hardy claimed that the AEW star was jealous of him and his brother and that he cheered when Jeff botched an asai moonsault during a match against Doug Furnas and Philip LaFon on a 1997 edition of Shotgun Saturday Night:

“Christian, he had heard that we had been signed and we’re going to be you know, employees of WWE and he’d been working to have a contract for so long. Whenever Jeff slipped off the top rope, he said he cheered in his house because he was so mad that we got contracts, and he did. He cheered for Jeff’s Jeff’s destruction, which is a funny story that we still share all the time now, and eventually, he got signed and we all ended up being okay.

We ended up being best frenemies, but that’s a very funny but true story. He was very envious of Jeff and me when we first signed and he cheered when Jeff slipped off the top rope from a moonsault body block to the floor.”

Matt then spoke about Christian getting signed after The Hardy Boys and Edge:

“He wasn’t frustrated because he was signed. He was already making money. That’s why Christian, He was the last one to get signed. That’s why he was showing that frustration and envy and jealousy. He’s good with jealousy.”

Christian recently betrayed his protégé Jungle Boy after a Tag Team Championship match in AEW. Although Matt tried to defend the fallen protégé, he was doubled team by Christian and Jungle Boy’s former partner, Luchasaurus.

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