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AEW Star Turned Down Double Or Nothing Appearance Prior To Signing

AEW Double or Nothing

A current AEW star has revealed that they turned down a pay-per-view appearance with the company before later signing a permanent deal.

Since launching in early 2019, AEW have repeatedly used wrestlers on a one-off basis before eventually signing them to a contract.

One such performer was Daniel Garcia, who appeared intermittently on AEW programming before eventually signing with the company in October 2021.

Speaking during an appearance on Talk is Jericho, the star revealed that initially he wasn’t too impressed with his early AEW experiences. This meant that when he was offered the chance to appear at Double or Nothing, he actually turned it down.

“I just did [work with AEW] in May and the experience for me, personally, it didn’t feel great. I really enjoyed the extra work the first time I did it in AEW, but the second round, it was kind of like, whatever … [AEW] reached out again for me to do it for the Double of Nothing Pay-Per-View and I was just kind of over it. I said no, I turned it down.”

During his time in AEW, Garcia became aligned with 2Point0, and subsequently the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Elsewhere during the conversation, Garcia recalled having a WWE try-out in January 2021. He explained that the trial went well and the company were interested in signing him. However, due to the way he was dealt with, he ended up feeling disrespected which made him “mad.”

And I talked to Canyon Ceman right before I left. He said, ‘Hey, like, let me know if any other place has interest, because we’ll sign you sooner.’ In my mind. I’m like, that’s disrespectful to me. Like, if you want to sign me, just sign me.”

Daniel Garcia was most recently in action on the June 8th edition of Dynamite where he was part of the Casino Battle Royale being used to help crown a new Interim World Champion.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.