AEW Star Teases Tag Team Split

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An AEW wrestler has teased splitting from his tag team partner and going on a singles run in the company.

Recently on AEW programming, Brian Pillman Jr and Griff Garrison of the Varsity Blondes have seen the third member of their team, Julia Hart, turn to the dark side and join The House Of Black.

Talking to Denise Salcedo, Brian Pillman Jr. spoke about how it may be time for him and Griff Garrison to undergo a change, which could lead to a singles run for the second-generation star:

“Yeah, it’s been a definitely a wild ride. A lot of ups and downs with BriGriff and just finding ourselves inside and outside of the ring to we you know, we went through a lot during that period of living in Jacksonville, you know, living on my own, and he was going through similar things in his life, so we learned to grow and learn to really get to know each other really well.”

“It’s a shame to see what happened with Julia. She wasn’t quite on the same page as us and after the same thing, so she’s kind of doing her own thing and finding herself and who knows, maybe before long me, and Griff Garrison will have to reinvent ourselves and come up with something new also.”

Pillman went on to talk about preparing his style to wrestle more like a singles wrestler:

“I’ll tell you what, I was really gunning for those Tag Team Championships for a while, but I think now it’s time to kind of find myself and maybe focus on a little bit of a singles style and maybe a singles run. I’ve been having a lot of — a lot of thinking going on, a lot of retrospective going on. So I think there’s some change is coming very soon.”

Brian Pillman Jr. has been afforded some good opportunities in AEW since joining, including getting to wrestle in his hometown against MJF, a TNT Title match against Miro, and being a part of a ‘Blondes’ tag team in the same vein as his father and Steve Austin.

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