AEW Star Recalls Swallowing A Thumbtack During Street Fight

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A current AEW star has recalled swallowing a thumbtack during one particularly brutal encounter.

On the October 29th edition of AEW Rampage, then-Women’s Champion Britt Baker went to war with Abadon in a Trick or Treat Street Fight.

While the name of the match might suggest something that is a little more light-hearted compared to a usual Street Fight, that was not the case on the night. Fans only need to recall the final third of the match for evidence of the chaos. Baker performed a Curb Stomp on her rival while her head was stuck in a chair, before shoving a handful of thumbtacks into Abadon’s mouth and kicking her in the head.

During an appearance at Terrificon, via Fandom Spotlite, Abadon said that the match was her favourite to date, recalling how she wanted it to be “disgusting and brutal.” Reflecting on having the tacks put in her mouth, she revealed that she actually swallowed one.

“When I found out I was wrestling Britt, I was excited because I was like, ‘yes, I get to show people what I’ve been working on’ at that time. When I found out it was the main event, I went, ‘What?’ I cried. I didn’t know. Speechless, literally. I can’t even talk right now. I was very thankful and appreciative of the fact that I was trusted with the main event, especially with the champion, Britt Baker, at the time. My favourite match that I’ve had so far.

I put my blood, sweat, and tears into that match because I wanted it to be disgusting and brutal. ‘Hit me with everything, I don’t even care. I want to get messed up in this match.’ I literally did. She suggested, it’s a question I’ve been asked a lot this week, regarding the tacks in my mouth. Were there any in my face?

No, I wish. I feel that would have looked cool. With my piercings, people were like, ‘Oh, there are tacks in her face.’ No, that would have looked good though. I had suggested a couple of things, I wanted my face mashed in them, but we chose the superkick to the face. When I heard people freak out, I was like, ‘Ah, yes.’ I swallowed one,”

Abadon’s most recent AEW match came in July where she defeated Mafioso Rossi on an episode of Dark. Meanwhile, Britt Baker is currently feuding with Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm in an effort to win back the AEW Women’s Championship.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.