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AEW Star Claims To Have Suffered Testicle Injury On AEW Rampage

Kyle O'Reilly with Undisputed Elite

AEW star Kyle O’Reilly has claimed that he is suffering from swollen testicles after being attacked by Sting on Rampage.

On the June 17th edition of Rampage, Undisputed Elite member Bobby Fish took on Darby Allin in a losing effort. Following his defeat, however, Fish tried to get revenge by attacking Allin.

His tag partner Kyle O’Reilly then made his way to the ring with a steel chair to join in the assault. Before he could reach the ring, the arena lights went out and Sting appeared, smashing O’Reilly in the testicles with his trademark baseball bat.

Following the show, Kyle O’Reilly has hit out at The Icon on social media, claiming that he simply wanted to offer him a seat, but is now suffering from swollen testes for his troubles.

“Shameful and disgusting act by the man called Sting. Here I am; a fan about to offer him a seat (he isn’t a spring chicken let’s face it and he twisted his ankle I think) and what do I get to show for it? Swollen testes. Absolutely uncalled for.”

In reality, Sting was getting back at O’Reilly for his actions on the May 18th edition of Dynamite which left the wrestling legend on the shelf for nearly a month. During the show, the Undisputed Elite attacked the WWE Hall of Famer with O’Reilly finishing things off by crushing his ankle in a folded steel chair.