AEW Star Slams Konnan After Controversial Comments On Konosuke Takeshita

Konosuke Takeshita entrance

On February 8th, AEW headed to Eddie Guerrero’s hometown of El Paso, Texas for their latest set of tapings.

The show opened with MJF taking on Konosuke Takeshita in a huge World Title Eliminator. Despite another impressive performance from the Japanese star, it was the World Champion who picked up the win.

One spot in the match which caught fans’ attention was Takeshita’s quick tribute to Eddie Guerrero. The rising star went to the top rope and performed Guerrero’s signature taunt before hitting his famous Frog Splash finishing move. While the tribute was heavily cheered at the time and even mentioned on commentary, Konnan claimed Takeshita shouldn’t have done it as he isn’t Mexican.

Speaking on his podcast, Keepin’ It 100, the veteran bizarrely told Takeshita to stick to his own nationality.

“Well Takeshita… he’s got heat with me and he’s lucky I wasn’t in El Paso. Because when he went up and he did the fu*king Eddie Guerrero thing for the frog splash, you’re not Mexican dude, I don’t care… Stick to your nationality.”

While Takeshita hasn’t responded to the comments himself, fellow star Miro has fired back on his behalf. Taking to social media, Miro said that Konnan wouldn’t be able to last ten seconds with Takeshita.

“I bet you all that konnan, or whatever his name was , can’t last 10 sec with @Takesoup”

Konosuke Takeshita Rising Through The Ranks In AEW

Konosuke Takeshita became a regular feature in AEW during the summer of 2022 and earned plaudits from far and wide for his in-ring performances. After heading back to Japan, the star finally signed a full-time contract to become All Elite in November.

After putting pen to paper on the deal, Takeshita has shared the ring with the likes of Jon Moxley, MJF, and Bryan Danielson. Speaking after his clash with the star, the American Dragon was full of praise for his opponent, tipping Takeshita to become an all-time great. Danielson described the star as “special” before predicting that he will go on to do great things in the future.