AEW Star Shows Off Brutal Aftermath Of Bloody Dynamite Match

AEW Superstars Preston Vance and Jungle Boy Jack Perry

After competing in a brutal match last Wednesday’s Dynamite, one AEW Star needed stitches.

During the latest episode of Dynamite, a Texas Tornado match took place which saw “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry and Hook take on La Faccion Ingobernable.

The fight moved all over the Broadmoor World Arena, as the hot Colorado Springs crowd cheered on Jack Perry and Hook as they battled with Preston Vance and Dralistico.

Vance was busted open during the match but continued to fight covered in his own blood.

Due to his injuries, Vance required several stitches on his forehead and took to Twitter to share photos of his injury and subsequent medical attention.

AEW Superstar Andrade Wanted Preston Vance To Take Off The Mask

Preston Vance was approached by Andrade to leave The Dark Order and “take off the mask”.

Vance had spent his AEW career working under the name TEN, but after Andrade declared an interest in Vance joining his faction.

Preston Vance turned his back on The Dark Order last November, and after three years working as TEN he changed his name and no longer wore a mask.

Whilst appearing on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Vance discussed the moment Andrade came to him, before explaining how he ended up being called TEN in the first place.

“I was somewhere backstage and Andrade pulled me aside and was like ‘hey, I’m going to Tony. I want you with us. I think you look cool in a suit take off the mask’ and I’m like yeah let’s do it. I was doing the 10 thing, for at that point, three years so I was pretty ready to change.

I never liked wearing the mask. I never wore it before AEW. It’s hard to kind of connect with the people when you’re under a mask. There are pros and cons to it. A pro is you never have to worry about facial expressions or anything. But, the con is you literally, I mean, it’s hard to show any sort of enthusiasm. It’s all body language, so I’m pretty glad I’m done with the mask.”

Vance told listeners how influential Brodie Lee and The Young Bucks were in establishing his name in AEW.

“So, Brodie’s whole thing, if you remember, when he came here and doing the Mr. Brodie he was kind of a knock on the other company. How they only look for athletes and they don’t care about if you were a wrestler or whatever.

So, he gave me the name 10 because he’s like ‘you’re exactly what the other place looks for the cookie cutter. How you look. How you wrestle. So you’re the perfect 10.’ So then he came up with 10, but before that when I did the dark match with Darby — My real name’s Cody, wasn’t allowed to use that.

The Young Bucks actually came up with the name Preston because they said they had a friend in high school who was the jock and also an arrogant prick and they’re like ‘You look like a Preston’. I’ll take it. I don’t care. Then Charlie from props he’s like the number ten is in Preston so you should make that your whole thing. I’m like ‘oh that’s smart’ so then that’s how that came about.”

H/t to eWrestlingNews