“I Would Like You To Teach Me” – AEW Star Responds To Harsh Ric Flair Criticism

Ric Flair

Ric Flair, the iconic pro wrestling figure, recently criticized the match between Bryan Danielson and Konosuke Takeshita on AEW Dynamite.

In particular, Flair took issue with the supposedly lackluster chops that Takeshita delivered to Danielson while he was on the floor. Speaking on his podcast, To Be The Man, Flair said:

“The Japanese young man who was chopping Bryan Danielson on his knees the other night [Takeshita] . . . Come on, those chops couldn’t have broken an egg. If you’re gonna chop somebody, god, hit them hard. It’s not gonna hurt you.”

Ric Flair Stated Konosuke Takeshita’s Chops Were “Embarrassing”

Flair, who has plenty of experience wrestling in Japan and against Japanese wrestlers, noted that Takeshita’s weak chops would not have been tolerated in his day and he would have been punished for them:

“Daniel was on his knees, and the guy was going ‘yah’. I mean, give me a break. It’s embarrassing. In Japan, in the ’80s, that Japanese kid would have got the s**t slapped out of him just walking back into the locker room door. If you’re gonna hit someone like that, and you’re trying to get the crowd to go ‘woo’ or react, you’ve gotta hit ’em hard.”

Though it was clear that Flair wasn’t mincing words with his remarks, Takeshita took the criticism in stride, responding with a tweet that showed his respect for Flair.

“I have the utmost respect for Ric Flair. It is incredible to me that he mentioned me. I need to practice a lot as I haven’t done much chopping in Japan. Thanks for the advice. I would like you to actually teach me if possible. Watch my chops grow from now on.”

It’s clear that Takeshita is looking to develop himself further in the pro wrestling world, and AEW has taken notice. As per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AEW is looking to position Takeshita as a “top-tier guy” and have “significant plans” for him.

Following a handful of guest appearances in 2022, AEW was able to sign Takeshita to a dual contract with DDT Pro Wrestling in Japan, so he will be a regular on AEW television in 2023. It’ll be fascinating to watch Takeshita take Flair’s advice and “watch his chops grow” as he continues to climb the ranks in AEW.

H/t to Wrestling Inc