AEW Star Recalls Being Bad Mouthed On Facebook By Road Dogg

Road Dogg

Trent Beretta once got his feelings hurt by Road Dogg.

Last week, Brian “Road Dogg” James was in a news frenzy after he made the claim that he was a better sports entertainer than wrestling legend Bret “The Hitman” Hart. After the backlash, Road Dogg would issue an apology for expressing his opinion about him and Brett, and clarified more on what we meant, saying that he and Hart have different philosophies when it comes to professional wrestling.

Trent Remembers That Time Road Dogg Hammered Him

After the firestorm surrounding Road Dogg, Jericho Appreciation Society’s “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard went on social media to share his view on the matter, outright saying that he was a better sports entertainer than Road Dogg.

Then Trent Beretta go involved, sharing a story about his first interaction with Road Dogg, saying that he was nice to him in his face, but then claimed that he talked bad about him on Facebook after the fact.

Trent Beretta is currently in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as a part of the Best Friends tag team, paired up with Chuckie T, while Road Dogg is currently World Wrestling Entertainment‘s Senior Vice President of Live Events.

In other news related to Road Dogg, he recently spoke about WWE Superstar and The New Day member Big E on his “Oh You Didn’t Know” podcast, giving an update on his health.

“I was just texting with Big E. He’s doing well. He was talking about how blessed he is. I hadn’t seen him in a while. I hadn’t heard from him. I was thinking about friends and family today for some reason and saw his number and thought, I’m gonna text Big E right now. He said he’s blessed and doing great.”

Interestingly, Road Dogg also mentioned how he wanted Big E as WWE Champion, rather than Kofi Kingston during his stint.

“When I wrote Smackdown, I wanted him to be the champion. I wanted him to be the champion of Smackdown. I actually pitched, and I’ve said this before, I actually pitched Big E Mania, and Kofi got the nod because of his time and service for lack of a better word or phrase.

Kofi had been there, and look, it worked, maybe better than it would have with Big E. Only time will tell if and when he comes back and they put the title on him because he can cut great promos. He’s a great guy. He’s always in great spirits. Just an honor to be able to call him my friend.”

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