AEW Star Recalls Almost Dying During Iconic Dynamite Match

AEW Blood and Guts

The Blood & Guts match lived up to its name in 2022!

The AEW match stipulation has taken place twice in the history of the company, and has provided some iconic moments both times. Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara’s respective falls from the cage are arguably the first things that come to mind when the cage match is mentioned in conversation.

AEW Blood And Guts 2 Took Place On June 29th 2022

The 2022 Blood & Guts match saw The Jericho Appreciation Society face off against the team of Eddie Kingston, Claudio Castagnoli, Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, Santana and Ortiz. Castagnoli would win the match for his team, submitting Matt Menard to the annoyance of Kingston.

Jericho Appreciation Society member Angelo Parker bled heavily in the match, which could have led to tragic consequences.

Speaking on the Swerve City Podcast, Parker compared the Blood and Guts match to another AEW stipualtion, Anarchy in the Arena. Parker also would describe how scary the amount of blood loss while competing inside the cage actually was:

“So that one was — Anarchy [in the Arena] was nuts, and Blood & Guts was was crazy but like, man. I thought I was very close to passing away in that match. I bled so much… I had stopped bleeding at that point [when he was hanging upside down], finally. And then I started doing that hanging upside down thing, and I’m just looking down and I’m just seeing it pouring out.”

Just before the finish of the second iteration of the match took place, Chris Jericho was the victim of a scary looking swing by Castagnoli, which took place on the top of the cage. During a live show with Inside The Ropes, Jericho discussed in detail about how the swing came to be and how scary it was from the top of the cage.

H/t to EWrestlingNews for the use of transcription