Released AEW Star Reveals Paul Wight Pitched To Work With Them

Paul Wight

A recently released AEW has claimed a pitch was made to have him become best buddies with Paul Wight.

During his tenure in AEW, Marko Stunt was the third guy in The Jurassic Express. His contract expired in May 2022, and he didn’t appear on television for months. It was reported at the time that Christopher Daniels, who served as AEW’s Head of Talent Relations had informed Stunt his contract wouldn’t be renewed.

In an interview for NBC Sports Boston’s ‘The Ten Count’, Stunt was asked about any storylines pitched to him during his tenure with the company. The star revealed there was an idea to have him paired up with Paul Wight.

“There was one with Paul Wight, where me and him talked a bit about doing an angle starting on Dark to see if it gets over… Where I’m getting like beat week after week and bullied and he is on commentary and I’m getting bullied one week and finally he gets tired of it and he throws his headset down and comes down and saves me.

“This was him pitching it to me actually. Then we can form this best buddy duo and I can be your best friend and play it off so well.”

Stunt continued to talk about his dream of being paired up with the giant:

“Paul Wight is legitimately my favorite wrestler of all time… I wanted to be that. I wanted to be 7 foot tall and step over the top rope and choke slam people.”

AEW announced Paul Wight was All Elite back in February 2021. Wight was signed as a part-time wrestler and a commentator for AEW’s YouTube series, Dark: Elevation. Meanwhile, Stunt has recently expressed interest in starting his own wrestling promotion.

H/t – Fightful