AEW Star Name Drops Vince McMahon At Battle Of The Belts

Vince McMahon WWE Executive Chairman

Just hours before AEW Ramage went on their Vince McMahon completed his stunning return to WWE.

The former WWE Chairman had been retired since July 2022 following numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and “hush money” payments. But despite this and recent allegations of sexual assault, McMahon is back on WWE’s Board of Directors. Shortly after the news was confirmed, AEW boos Tony Khan took to social media to have a little fun with the situation, joking that everyone at work was being really nice to him.

Max Caster Takes Jab At Jeff Jarrett Via Vince McMahon

The live edition of Rampage was followed by Battle of the Belts V. The show opened with the AEW World Tag Team clash between champions The Acclaimed and Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. The No Holds Barred Match was the result of an intense and very personal rivalry that has erupted in recent weeks.

In his usual pre-match rap Max Caster was at the top of his game in front of a fired up crowd. Caster began by taking aim at Jeff Jarrett, blasting him as worse than Vince McMahon before also belittling Jay Lethal.

In the ring it was The Acclaimed who retained their titles.

“How is Jeff Jarrett back up in the mix? If you won it would be the new January 6th. You’re a stain on this business man, Jeff Jarrett is worse than Vince McMahon!”

Perhaps ironically it was a rap from Caster which sparked the rivalry between The Acclaimed and Jarrett in the first place. Caster made comments about the veteran and his wife’s previous marriage to Kurt Angle.

The line caused Karen Jarrett to hit back on social media, while accusing Angle of having multiple affairs while they were married. Jeff later said that he was sick of his wife being attacked in such a way and said Caster had a “receipt” coming on the January 4th episode of Dynamite. In response, Caster’s tag team partner Anthony Bowens warned Jarrett over taking liberties in the ring.