AEW Star Fires Back At Criticism Of In-Ring Style

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Back in October Athena sparked controversy online following a match involving Jody Threat on AEW Dark: Elevation. The bout appeared to veer out of control, and the former WWE star was criticised online for being too physical.

During the match, Threat appeared to lose her way and slipped at the beginning of what was supposed to be her comeback. This was followed by an exchange where some fans believed Athena had been overly stiff with her opponent. The incident led to both women being spoken to by AEW management.

AEW Star Athena Hits Out At Double Standard

This harder-hitting style has led to a slight shift in character for Athena who will face Mercedes Martinez for the ROH Women’s Title at Final Battle on December 10th. During an appearance on Busted Open Radio the star discussed her upcoming match as well as the perceived double standard when it comes to physicality in women’s wrestling.

Athena claimed that if she were a man no one would be talking about how hard she hits in the ring.

“People forget that the girls can hit just as hard as the guys. I have to sit there and see Jon Moxley and [Chris] Jericho and who else? [Wheeler] Yuta and all these guys hit the tar out of each other and I guarantee you, if I was a man, I feel like there wouldn’t be as much backlash or anything like that.

It’s all these old, bloated farts that wanna sit there and tell us, oh no, we need to go out there and look pretty and then they complain when it’s a dance, they complain when we hit hard. Get over it. We’re out here to be just as good as the guys and we give it our all, we put in all of this time and effort to hone our craft and I feel like sometimes, we are underappreciated when we do things like that.”

At the time of her match with Threat, Athena and AEW fans came under fire from Booker T, who claimed that those in the stands “don’t care” about the performers in the ring.

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