AEW Star Recalls Fighting With Bobby Fish And Kyle O’Reilly Backstage

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On the October 27th, 2021 edition of AEW Dynamite CM Punk defeated Bobby Fish in singles action. However, the match was not without controversy.

Fish has since revealed that there were issues during the match, commenting that Punk was a “c*nt” for how he behaved. In Punk’s defence, many fans have pointed to Fish kicking out of his GTS on the stroke of three as showing he wasn’t completely cooperative either.

AEW Star Reveals Fight With Bobby Fish And Kyle O’Reilly

Speaking on his new podcast in partnership with AdFreeShows, Dax Harwood looked back at CM Punk’s AEW run. In attempting to put right some of the misconceptions about the former AEW Champion Harwood addressed the match featuring Fish, and specifically claims from the star that Punk squeezed his wrist signalling the controversial kick-out.

In discussing the match, Harwood revealed that he had previously had his own issues with Fish, which saw him punch the star as well as his tag team partner Kyle O’Reilly.

“What I will say about that is a couple things. One, I was never going to let this be known, but Bobby did an interview about this and that’s ok. He and I get along great, and before this and after this, we get along great. We talked about the families, his marriage. We talked about real estate and investments and things like that, so we get along great.

I wanted to preface that before anybody finds a headline, but there was an issue he and I had on live TV where I felt he was taking advantage of me and things got very, very, very, very heated on stage, and I accidentally, well not accidentally, I punched Kyle because I thought Kyle was getting involved as well. We got to the back. We had to be separated, but then thirty minutes later, we apologized, we hugged, and we’re good.”

As far as the kick out goes, I’ve taken many pins in my career, obviously, and I have got the squeeze, and the squeeze to me means thank you, and that’s what I think and that’s what I was taught. Maybe Bobby was taught differently. I don’t know. But those are my feelings on Bobby. Great guy to me. We get along personally. We had our little flare up where we threw hands and we got over it just like men do and moved on.”

During the conversation, Dax Harwood also claimed that CM Punk never wanted to hold the AEW World Championship.

H/t to WrestlingNewsCo