AEW Star Described As The Next Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero

In wrestling, newer and younger stars are often compared to established names from the past. More often than not, companies try to brand a rookie or rising star as ‘the next X’ to try and either motivate them to fit into another wrestler’s boots or to make fans see said rising star as a future legend.

It has been done many times before: Roman Reigns was described as ‘the next John Cena’, Bray Wyatt as ‘the next Undertaker’, Sin Cara as ‘the next Rey Mysterio’, just to name a few.

And it’s in that spirit that someone in AEW has been described as the 2023 version of Eddie Guerrero.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, former WWE commentator Hugo Savinovich use these terms to compliment Thunder Rosa on her talent.

“You are in the category of an Eddie Guerrero. I can see talent and you have it, and I just hope that they don’t kill your passion.”

Hugo Savinovich compares Thunder Rosa to Eddie Guerrero

Thunder Rosa has been signed with AEW since the fall of 2020 but hasn’t wrestled a match since the August 10, 2022 edition of Dark Elevation.

Issues began to develop for Rosa a few weeks later when she stated that she couldn’t defend her AEW Women’s Championship until further notice due to injury. Some people alleged she was faking injury but she denied these claims categorically.

Further muddying the waters was the decision not to strip her of the title but to crown an ‘interim’ Women’s Champion until Rosa was cleared to wrestle. However, her injury status persisted until she eventually did relinquish the title.

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription