AEW Star Calls Out Mercedes Mone – “I’ll Break Her Other Foot”

Mercedes Mone

Ever since leaving WWE last year, Mercedes Mone has been heavily linked with AEW. Despite all of the conjecture surrounding her potential debut for the promotion she still hasn’t crossed the All Elite threshold and chose to head to NJPW and STARDOM where she became the IWGP Women’s Champion. However, due to the working relationship between the U.S. and Japanese promotions, her name is constantly connected with Tony Khan’s company.

The announcement of Forbidden Door 2 on June 25th led many fans into believing the event could be the perfect place for her AEW in-ring debut. But at Resurgence, during the first-ever NJPW women’s main event for the inaugural STRONG Women’s Championship, Mone suffered an ankle injury, which forced multiple creative plans to be changed and possibly postponed her debut for All Elite Wrestling.

AEW Women’s World Champion Toni Storm Threatened To Break Mercedes Mone’s Other Foot

At Double or Nothing on May 28th, Toni Storm defeated Jamie Hayter to become the first-ever two-time Women’s World Champion. During the Double or Nothing Post-Show Media Scrum, she was asked if she would ever be interested in teaming with Mone or defending the title against her. Storm took little time in threatening the former IWGP Women’s Champion.

“I don’t know about the group, I don’t know if she’s Outcast material, but I’ll whoop her ass as well, break her other foot. That would be good.”

During the session, Storm also had some choice words to say to Tony Khan about her first championship run, which was at the time referred to as an “interim” title due to Thunder Rosa suffering a back injury while champion. When asked about becoming women’s champions for the second time, Storm replied;
“It felt extra special this time. I’m sure we can all agree that the interim thing was bullsh*t. Right, Tony? Crazy. That was a tough, terrible time. It feels great because this is what it should have been the whole time.”
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