AEW Star Calls For More Dynamite Appearances


AEW boasts a massive roster: it has over 150 active wrestlers and ten non-wrestling on-screen personalities. With so many people under contract, it’s expected that some people will not appear regularly.

However, one person who has been with the company since 2020 is trying to step his game up and wants to be on Dynamite more often.

Will “Powerhouse” Hobbs had his first match with AEW in July 2020. Less than two full months later, Hobbs’ work impressed AEW President Tony Khan so much that he signed the East Palo Alto native to a fulltime contract.

However, just because he had a contract, doesn’t mean that he would be showcased.

According to, Hobbs has had 91 matches for AEW since his debut. Of those matches, only fourteen took place on Dynamite and only six were on PPV. The rest were on lesser shows like Dark.

But Hobbs wants more; he wants to be seen as a bigger player in AEW. Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Hobbs expressed his desire to wrestle on Dynamite a lot more.

Powerhouse Hobbs wants to fight Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston

“Any opportunity you get, you have to make some noise, whether it’s on Dark, Elevation, Dynamite, or Rampage. Me, personally, I would love to be featured more on Dynamite and Rampage.

Right now, I’m getting opportunities on Elevation, and it’s speaking for itself. The cream rises to the top. I like to fight. One is Jon Moxley and the other is Eddie Kingston. Just a straight out brawl. Pull no punches, no hurricanranas, no dive outs, just fisticuffs.”

Hobbs’ most recent match was on the February 22nd edition of AEW Dark Elevation, in which he beat Evan Daniels.

h/t EWrestlingNews for the transcription