AEW Star Calls For Match With Goldberg – “It Doesn’t Get Any Bigger Than That”


With Goldberg in search of one final match and a fitting goodbye to his famous character, one AEW star believes that they fit the bill.

Wardlow is currently riding high after reclaiming the TNT Championship, taking his total number of reigns with the gold to three. During his time with AEW, the star has often been compared to Goldberg for his physical in-ring style and formidable physical charisma.

Speaking with Simon Miller at WrestleCon, Wardlow addressed the WWE Hall of Famer. After being asked whether it was true that Goldberg had pointed at him and said “you’re next” at the convention, Wardlow said it was actually he who had pointed at Goldberg.

“I actually pointed at him and I said, ‘Bet your ass I’m not next.’ So yeah, you guys just missed it. Goldberg did walk through just a minute ago and we exchanged words. Don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes, but we both mutually agreed that if the opportunity comes, we would love to see who really is next.”

When asked whether facing the WCW legend would be a dream match, the new TNT Champion agreed.

“Yeah, I mean, if you could have Batista, Lesnar, Goldberg, I put those three in the same category of dream monster matches. So yeah, Goldberg is… I mean, we just heard, ‘Wardlow.’ We haven’t heard that chant since ‘Goldberg.’ So I think Wardlow versus Goldberg, it doesn’t get bigger than that. It does not get bigger than Wardlow versus Goldberg. It doesn’t,”

After it was put to him that he could be the man to retire the legend, Wardlow said that if that’s the way it goes down, he’ll die peacefully.

“If it comes down to Wardlow is the man to retire Goldberg, I can die peacefully,”

Goldberg’s WWE Retirement Match Scrapped

Goldberg recently revealed that he was promised a retirement match by Vince McMahon but it obviously never happened. However, it has since been reported that planning for the match was underway with Paul Heyman heavily involved. Despite this, everything came to a halt when McMahon became embroiled in the sexual assault scandal which ultimately saw him ‘retire’ from the company in July 2022.

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