AEW Star Brian Cage Recalls Growing Up With Aaron Rodgers

Brian Cage

Aaron Rodgers was a big wrestling fan according to Brian Cage.

Appearing on Hey! (EW), Cage recalled graduating from Pleasant Valley High School in the same year as the football star. Although their paths went in very different directions with Cage heading to the squared circle, and Rodgers becoming one of the biggest names in the NFL, it seems they did have something in common.

According to Cage, he and Rodgers shared a love of wrestling, something they’d often chat about during math class.

“You know what’s so cool about him? He was a really cool guy. Everyone, that was the Attitude Era, everyone watched wrestling, doesn’t matter how much they said they didn’t watch wrestling. Everyone watched wrestling. Him, still a high school quarterback, popular guy, he never faded once. He knew I was a huge wrestling fan, so math class, we would always talk. ‘Man, you watch Raw last night? You watch Nitro?’ He knew,”

Rodgers currently has some time to dip back into wrestling after suffering a serious Achilles injury just minutes into his debut for the New York Jets. The shocking moment topped off a rough start to the season for New York’s NFL teams with the Giants being demolished by the Dallas Cowboys a day earlier.

A Rodgers-less Jets struggled then struggled in defeat to the Cowboys a week later, although the Giants did their best to try and regain some respectability on their end with a comeback win over the Arizona Cardinals.

Despite the severity of his injury, Rodgers has claimed he could be back in action before the end of the season.

Brian Cage Heading To AEW Grand Slam

In contrast to Rodgers’ struggles, Brian Cage is set to feature at one of AEW’s biggest events of the year. It’s been confirmed that Cage, Bishop Kaun, and Toa Liona will defend the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles against The Elite.

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