AEW Star Blasts ‘Snakes and Liars’ In The Locker Room

AEW logo for their Dynamite TV show

Despite appearances, AEW’s locker room hasn’t been the most welcoming and unified of places of late. The company has experienced several backstage conflicts, including a big one at All Out 2022 that nearly sent the company into upheaval.

Since then, the image of the company’s locker room has changed. But according to one wrestler, that positive image was all a ruse from the very beginning.

Eddie Kingston is no stranger to controversy. He hasn’t been shy about speaking his mind and got into an alleged backstage altercation with Sammy Guevara over comments made in a promo. Kingston has maintained a fiery personality throughout his tenure in AEW, and continues to do so now as he switches to wrestling for Ring of Honor.

Kingston’s sudden appearance for ROH came 24 hours after he announced he was quitting AEW. And so far, Kingston is much happier in his newfound environment…especially since, according to him, it’s free of negative influences.

Eddie Kingston “feels free” after leaving AEW’s locker room

Late afternoon on March 3rd, Kingston praised ROH for having people that “want to do their JOBS” and also lambasted the company’s locker room for being full of untrustworthy people with ego problems.

“I went into the @ringofhonor locker room and felt free. Free from snakes and liars and disgusting ego maniacs that are all for self and not for the company. It felt good to be with men and women who want to do there [sic] JOBS! I remember when @AEW use [sic] to be like that.”

Kingston made a huge impact on ROH from the moment he appeared as he announced he was challenging Claudio Castagnoli for the ROH World Championship at Supercard of Jonor 2023, which takes place on March 31st.

h/t Fightful for the transcription