AEW Star Admits “We Need To Appeal To More Casual Fans”

AEW Crowd

Ever since AEW established itself as the number two promotion behind WWE, a massive conversation among fans and the media has been about how the company can move to the next level.

While AEW has achieved a huge amount of success in a number of areas in its relatively short life, many believe that television ratings won’t even come close to competing with WWE until the promotion’s on-screen product changes. In broad strokes, this is often explained as needing to appeal to “casual fans,” and taking some of the emphasis off the nuts and bolts of what happens in the ring.

Speaking on an episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the tag team legend explained that he agreed with this line of thinking.

“That’s a positive for AEW without a doubt that the Turner folks are all about the pro wrestling hardcore fanbase,” Hardy said. “The hardcore fanbase, they’re going to tune in each and every week, even if they complain about the show… I’m a big advocate after being around for 31 years, to grow the fanbase of AEW, I do think we need to appeal to some more casual fans who might not be all about just the wrestling and the five-star matches.”

With regard to the launch of Collision Hardy said that he’s more inclined to believe that the move will create more excitement around the product than water it down. He added he doesn’t mind which side of the proposed brand split he ends up on, only that he stays working with his brother Jeff.

“My gut tells me it’s going to add to the excitement because I think it’s going to be two pretty different rosters, so the shows are going to look differently,” Hardy added, “so I think we could get to a deal where the shows are going to almost compete against one another.”

Matt Hardy Says Recent AEW Changes Are “Bittersweet”

The launch of AEW Collision has led to the demise of Dark and Dark: Elevation which aired weekly on YouTube featuring a number of up-and-coming and independent talents. Reflecting on the loss of the two shows, Hardy had stated that he was sad to see them go as they were a great proving ground for new storylines and young wrestlers.

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