AEW Star Admits Their “Time Is Coming To An End”

AEW Shawn Spears

An AEW original has acknowledged that their in-ring career is nearing its conclusion.

Shawn Spears has had a lengthy career in the wrestling industry. First appearing as the unfortunate recipient of Sweet Chin Music by Shawn Michaels at the 2006 Cyber Sunday pay-per-view, Spears would have his first match on the WWE rebooted ECW brand in 2008, known to fans then as Gavin Spears.

Shawn Spears Is Satisfied With His Current AEW Role

Following a run in NXT that started in 2013, The Perfect 10 would make his debut on the main roster in 2017, entering the Royal Rumble match in the number 10 position, much to the delight of the live crowd in attendance.

Dillinger would officially debut for the main roster on the SmackDown after WrestleMania 33. Following a near 2 year stint on the main roster, Dillinger would request his release from WWE in early 2019, which was granted in February.

Shawn Spears would then go on to sign for All Elite Wrestling, debuting in the Casino Battle Royale at the inaugural Double or Nothing pay-per-view. Following an infamous chair shot to Cody Rhodes, Spears would be known as “The Chairman” in AEW.

Following an alignment with MJF and FTR to form the faction known as The Pinnacle, Spears would take time away from the company as he and wife Cassie Lee were expecting their first child together.

Following a return to the company in October 2022, fans were curious as to what would be next for the former Pinnacle member. Speaking with WrestleZone, Spears has listed multiple dream matches he would like to have, along with stating that he is happy with his position in AEW.

“So whether or not I’m going to be highlighted coming back, I don’t think that’s going to be a thing. I think my role in AEW is pretty set. I, for lack of a better [phrase], I don’t care anymore. I want to go out and have banger matches, I wanna wrestle Jay White, I wanna wrestle FTR, I wanna wrestle Wardlow, I wanna wrestle Max, I wanna wrestle these guys because I’m winding down. My time is coming to an end. I wanna have banger matches before I’m done, get it out of my system and ride off into the sunset.”

H/t to Fightful for the use of Transcription.