AEW Star Admits People Are “Anxious” About “Tricky” Roster Split

AEW Collision logo

June 17th, 2023 will see the launch of AEW Collision. The new show will air every Saturday evening with the first show coming live from the United Center in Chicago.

The new show will see the creation of some kind of roster split, although there have been a number of contradictory reports over how hard or soft this split will be. Interestingly, this uncertainty has seemingly bled through to the company’s talent roster.

While discussing the upcoming changes on his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW star admitted that some are “a little anxious about where they’re going to land.”

Hardy went on to describe the situation as “tricky,” breaking down the practical problems of trying to juggle family life while not being able to make plans.

“People want to plan vacations and family time and trips and whatnot and it’s kind of tricky because as of now everybody kind of has to leave everything open.

So, I’ll be happy when Collision gets here and they kind of have really a good lock on what roster is on Dynamite and what roster is on Collision, there’ll be some guys that float back and forth.”

Tony Khan Quiet On Speculation Around CM Punk’s AEW Return

It is expected that the launch of AEW Collision will see the return of CM Punk, something that was all but confirmed when it was announced the debut episode will be held in Chicago. However, the company, and Punk himself are giving little away. When asked about the possibility of Punk coming back during the post-Double or Nothing media scrum, AEW boss Tony Khan “wasn’t prepared” to address the issue.

H/t to Wrestling Inc