AEW’s Serpentico Praises NXT’s Dexter Lumis [Exclusive]

Dexter Lumis & Serpentico

A lot has been made of the Wednesday Night Wars this year, but there are many friendships that span both NXT and AEW. One of which is the friendship between Serpentico of AEW, who confirmed he had signed the company to ourselves last week, and NXT Superstar Dexter Lumis!

Dexter Lumis and Serpentico both trained at the Team 3D Academy – run by The Dudley Boyz. While speaking with Serpentico, I asked about his friendship with NXT’s sinister Superstar.

“He’s great! He’s always been great. I’m so glad he’s able to show the world what a lot of us already knew.

“To see him from the first time he walked into Team 3D Academy to now on TV every week, in prominent spots no less, is a real treat. He’s always been one of the good guys. We’ve had some fun experiences coming up together so seeing him succeed is really special and cool to me. I wish him nothing but the best. He deserves it.”

Serpentico, who is carving out his own path on AEW on Wednesday nights, and recently shared a ring with Chris Jericho, would say how he “would 100% not be here” without the “training and guidance” of the Dudley Boyz.

“I met Bully Ray. He gave me a brief rundown of how it was going to operate and I signed up then and there. I believe I was their first actual student. Attending that school was like going from high school to Harvard. They made me see wrestling in a ton of different new ways. They broke down everything and explained the ins and outs of the business. I learned my in-ring psychology, selling, foot work, presence, etc, all from them. Every day, I’d walk out with a new understanding about wrestling – in ring and business-wise. If it wasn’t for them, I would absolutely not be able to do what I do now. “

Lumis even responded in kind, calling Serpentico his “brother forever” before congratulating the AEW star on his success.

You can read our full interview with Serpentico here.

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