Some Within AEW “Vehemently Sceptical” Of Recent Claims From Tony Khan

AEW President Tony Khan

It has long been rumoured that CM Punk was responsible for Colt Cabana’s lengthy absence from AEW Dynamite. Meanwhile, Punk has always denied that this was the case. His frustration at the situation forming the basis of his infamous media scrum rant following All Out.

As CM Punk remains away from AEW through both injury and suspension, Tony Khan commented on the situation between the star and Colt Cabana. Speaking after Full Gear, the AEW President said that Punk didn’t ask him to remove Cabana from the AEW locker room.

Not Everyone In AEW Is Convinced By Tony Khan’s Recent Claims

With that being said, it has now been reported that not everyone is convinced by Tony Khan’s claims. Appearing on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that there is a lot of scepticism concerning the comments from the AEW boss.

“The whole Cabana thing, I keep getting stuff from talents in AEW about this. Ever since Saturday I’ve gotten a lot and, put it this way, there is a lot of talent that is very convinced of one thing. Obviously CM Punk is – and he’s always been – very adamant that he had nothing to do with it.”

“Tony said that (Punk) had nothing to do with it, this was back in August, so that story is not going to change publicly one way or the other. But I’m just saying that the scepticism, and it’s vehement from a lot of people, as far as the scepticism of that story.”

“So it’s not like that thing has been settled in the eyes of, I can’t say all the talent, but a lot of the talent. Even today I just got something that was just like, ‘Can’t you just see? Isn’t it obvious?’ It’s not like they’re speculating, they believe that they know the story. That’s basically that, I’m sure that one will never go away.”

CM Punk recently joked about his AEW suspension and part in the brawl at AEW All Out, commenting that he’s “bad news” and you “wouldn’t want him in the locker room.

H/t WrestleTalk