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AEW Reportedly Paid Gangrel For Nixed Dynamite Appearance

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A new report says All Elite Wrestling paid former WWE Superstar Gangrel for an appearance on AEW Dynamite that ended up being cancelled.

Gangrel detailed on a recent episode of his Fangin’ & Bangin’ podcast that he was set to make an appearance for All Elite Wrestling but a certain SummerSlam entrance put paid to that.

Heading into SummerSlam Edge went back to his WWE roots revisiting his time in The Brood. After debuting in WWE in 1998, Edge entered a feud with Gangrel. A vampire-like character who had a penchant for drinking ‘blood’ from a chalice and spitting it into the crowd. During the feud, Gangrel appeared with Edge’s storyline brother Christian.

Eventually, the pair convinced Edge to join them and the three began to team together as The Brood. As part of the gimmick, the trio would rise from under the stage through a ring of fire during their entrance while dishing out ‘blood baths’ to rivals.

Fast forward to the summer of 2021, and in his efforts to overcome Seth Rollins, Edge tapped back into this dark side. On the SmackDown before SummerSlam, Edge gave his rival a ‘blood bath’ covering him in a dark liquid in the ring.

The throwback continued into SummerSlam itself as Edge performed his old entrance rising through the stage surrounded by flames.

While Gangrel says he loved the entrance, he knew it spelt disaster for him:

“Everything Edge did was f**kin’ awesome, but the reason I wasn’t excited about it was because I was offered another great opportunity and the timing just sucked. AEW contacted me and they wanted me to come in and do Dynamite tomorrow, Wednesday night Dynamite. They were putting the entrance together, they’re going to do the fire and the pyro stuff, they were putting the music together and getting it all together… at the same time, that like I’m trending, really happy for Edge on the inside, but also, I’m super-worried going ‘oh no, please don’t let this ruin things [for me with AEW]’ and then it just kept blowing up and getting bigger and bigger and bigger on Twitter. I’m thinking ‘oh man…’ and I call a couple of other people, they said ‘I wouldn’t worry about it, your thing is different’ but when SummerSlam hit, I knew it was the final nail in the coffin.”

“It was so cool because I was like, ‘Wow!’ I never thought—it was my entrance originally and then it became The Brood’s entrance—about what it would look like in 2021. It looked flippin’ awesome! It was cool, with his coat, he came up, then down and hit his music,” he explained, “it was just tremendously done. When I got the phone call that they were going to do a different direction — and it’s not their fault, it’s just timing — I was so grateful and so happy to be part of it, and they even thought about [using me]. I think it was Tony Khan’s idea to bring me in and do all of that, I believe it was. I was so grateful and happy, but deep down inside, I knew how things could go and it was about that timing.”

Now Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has reported that despite the appearance being nixed, Gangrel still collected a payday from AEW:

“David Heath (Gangrel) on his podcast said that he was supposed to be on the show, likely doing an angle involving Christian and Omega, but then was canceled because the idea was similar to the bloodbath idea that WWE had just done on Smackdown. AEW confirmed his story and noted he was cancelled after Smackdown but that he was also paid as if he was on the show.”

Gangrel’s old Brood stablemate will hope to succeed where Edge failed at Money In The Bank as he looks to claim his company’s world title on pay-per-view. Christian Cage faces Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship at All Out in Chicago.

h/t to WrestleZone for the transcription