AEW “Quiet On The Subject” Of All Out

AEW logo for their Dynamite TV show

Recently AEW made a major announcement by revealing that the company plans on running their biggest show ever out of Wembley Stadium in the United Kingdom.

Intended to be their version of WWE’s SummerSlam 1992, Tony Khan and other higher-ups within the company are confident that the UK show will indeed sell out a similar number of tickets as that WWE event from thirty years ago.

But with all the attention on this UK show, which is being called “All In”, there has been very little news regarding the other big AEW show that usually takes place at the end of the summer, All Out.

In fact, there has been an AEW show called “All Out” every year since 2019. And yet, no such event has been announced for 2023.

No one in AEW has given any information to the public regarding an All Out PPV for 2023

The lack of announcement on this annual PPV led to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer to try and reach out to someone within that company for answers.

In the latest edition of his weekly Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer noted that he has been told that All Out will indeed be taking place and is currently scheduled a week after All In, which would put it on September 3rd.

That said, Meltzer noted that this is all speculation at this point and wants to remind readers that nothing has been formally confirmed by anyone within the company.

All Out has become something of a never-ending headache for those within AEW. Ever since the post-show media scrum and the subsequent backstage events, the company’s roster has remained fractured.

There has been a constant stream of rumors and allegations of discontent within the AEW locker room, especially as it pertains to the main parties involved in the backstage incident, those being CM Punk and The Elite.

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