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AEW Looking To License Hardy Boyz WWE Theme

Jeff Hardy Matt Hardy

AEW is reportedly looking to license theme music that was previously used in WWE by The Hardy Boyz ahead of the expected debut of Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy was released by WWE just days after he was said to be acting erratically at a live event. The former World Champion then declined a company offer to attend rehab which led to his departure.

It was later reported that Jeff Hardy turned down the chance to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, instead insisting that he was given the results of drug tests he took before he left the company.

Speaking on Twitch, Matt Hardy confirmed that Jeff had been given an ultimatum by WWE, which meant he would have to go to rehab or get released. However, knowing he wasn’t going to return a positive drug test, the former WWE Champion said the company may as well release him as he didn’t need to go to rehab.

It is expected that Jeff Hardy’s AEW debut is imminent after he appeared to confirm the company as his next destination.

Now Fightful Select has reported that AEW has made overtures about licensing the song most associated with The Hardy Boyz in WWE. The track called ‘Loaded’ is not owned by WWE despite being used by the company for over 20 years. It has been used in commercials and on Spike TV having originally been produced by Zack Tempest.

The report adds that WWE owns ‘No More Words’ that was most recently used by Jeff Hardy in WWE although Hardy owns the rights to the songs ‘Modest’ and ‘Obsolete’ that were used by Hardy during his time in TNA.