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“AEW Is Like Pineapple On Pizza” – Lance Storm

Lance Storm

Wrestling legend Lance Storm has orated on social media that “AEW is like pineapple on pizza” – stating that “those who don’t like it get mad at people who do” in his comments.

Storm tweeted his analogy: “I’ve concluded today that AEW is like pineapple on a pizza. Those who don’t like it actually get mad at people who do and try to convince them to stop enjoying something they like,” before continuing, “Much like the pineapple debate, I have no interest in hearing your stance on my analogy either.”

Former WCW announcer Mark Madden would be among the people responding, offering up different viewpoints, stating: “The opposite is true, too. A lot of AEW supporters go ballistic if you criticize even a small fraction of the product. Wrestling has become tribal, just like everything else.”

Storm most recently worked in WWE as a producer, joining the company in November 2019. The WCW legend appeared onscreen in February of this year on SmackDown during Miz and Morrison’s The Dirt Sheet, but would be furloughed from the company in April 15 due to COVID-19 cutbacks. Prior to joining WWE, Storm had been running his own wrestling school – Storm Wrestling Academy – in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but closed the school shortly before joining WWE in 2019. Earlier this month, Storm relaunched the school in a virtual capacity.