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AEW Full Gear 2020 Results

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Full Gear results as the show emanates from the Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida with every AEW title being defended!

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

(Buy-In) Serena Deeb defeats Allysin Kay via Submission, retaining the NWA World Women’s Championship in 10:25

  • Deeb maintains a technical style throughout, locking in multiple submissions and working on Kay’s left knee, whilst Kay attempted to overpower the champion.
  • Kay slaps Deeb and the match turns aggressive fast – The two brawl on the canvas before Deeb escapes to the outside.
  • Deeb picks up momentum with a series of uppercuts and clotheslines before hitting a Hangman’s Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Kay counters with an Alabama Slam for a near-fall of her own.
  • Deeb picked up the win with the Serenity Lock.
  • Thunder Rosa returns to stare down Deeb in the aftermath, staking her claim to a rematch for the title.

Analysis: Good buy-in match, a little stop-and-start at certain points but it picked up by the end. Hope Allysin becomes an AEW regular because she’d be a great semi-established star as their women’s division desperately needs some fresh names in the title picture. Rosa returning seems to suggest that she’s signed with AEW which – if she has – will be another great name for the women’s division whilst a lot of their Joshi stars are unable to compete.

Kenny Omega defeats Hangman Adam Page via Pinfall, winning the World Title Eliminator Tournament in 16:25

  • The two refuse to shake hands just after the bell as the match starts off aggressive with Omega throwing Page to the outside with a hurricanrana before attempting the Terminator Dive, which Page countered with a big boot.
  • Page whipped Omega into the guardrail onto the outside multiple times before Omega managed to jump onto the rail on the third go and deliver a moonsault off it.
  • Lots of New Japan references on commentary as Excalibur references Page and Omega’s only other encounter in Japan as well as Omega’s critically acclaimed match series with Okada.
  • The two move to the ramp and Page hits a thunderous pop-up powerbomb before rolling Omega back into the ring and hitting a second for a near-fall.
  • Page dodges V-Trigger, german and dragon suplex attempts to hit a spinning lariat into the Deadeye for an INCREDIBLY close 2 count.
  • Omega creates an opening after hitting 2 V-Triggers in quick succession and hits the One Winged Angel to win the tournament!

Analysis: Very strong start to the main show! I thought Page had it multiple times throughout but Omega, perhaps predictably (though not unwelcome), managed to pick up the win with the One Winged Angel remaining a decisive finishing move in AEW. Omega winning was the right choice, especially with his singles dominance recently, as Page works far better as an underdog. Omega Vs. Moxley should be FANTASTIC going forward if their Full Gear unsanctioned match last year is anything to go by.

Orange Cassidy defeats John “4” Silver via Pinfall in 9:40

  • Cassidy taunts Silver in the early-going with his laidback attitude, hitting multiple devastating shin kicks before Silver takes him down and rips out the pockets of Cassidy’s pants.
  • Silver overpowered Cassidy contually as the match picked up, at one point tossing Cassidy from one corner of the ring to the other with a hip toss.
  • Silver kept continually posing which eventually gave Cassidy an opening to deliver a diving crossbody and tornado DDT for a near-fall.
  • Silver shows off his power advantage by gorilla pressing Cassidy from the top rope at one point. He eventually hit the Spin Doctor for a close 2.
  • Silvers tries to git Brodie’s Spinning Lariat but Cassidy dodges, hitting the Orange Punch and Beach Break to pick up the win.

Analysis: Was pleasantly surprised by this! Went expecting a cool down comedy match but we only got that for the first few minutes before the match picked up. Silver did a great job of showing off his power and general singles prowess that he hasn’t had the chance to display within the Dark Order up to this point. Cassidy picks up the win unsurprisingly though and puts on a great display against the Dark Order’ “4”. Hope they keep up Orange’s momentum from here rather than him just becoming ‘the laid-back guy that comes out with Best Friends’ again.

Darby Allin defeats Cody Rhodes, winning the TNT Championship in 17:00

  • Darby comes out in the car that he ran over the person in the Cody mask with and smashes the windscreen with his skateboard.
  • Justin Roberts ring announces the champion as Cody Rhodes for the very first time!
  • Cody continually rolls out the ring when Darby gains the advantage early on but Darby takes him down with a diving missile strike. Cody responses in kind by dumping Darby onto the the ramp arm-first.
  • Cody focuses on Darby’s arm following this using several arm submissions. Darby attempts his signature springboard arm drag but Cody plants him instead and locks in a double armbar which is broken up by rope break.
  • Cody delivers a HUGE Cross Rhodes from the top but Darby manages to roll to the other side of the ring from it, causing a rope break to break up Cody’s pinfall attempt after.
  • Cody pulls off his weight belt and Chioda threatens to disqualify him, so Cody drops the belt. Allin takes advantage by tripping Cody with it and subsequently hitting the Coffin Drop for a close pinfall cover.
  • The two exchange a series of roll-up attempts and Darby manages to pick up the pinfall win! Darby Allin is your new TNT Champion!
  • Cody kneels to one knee and hands Darby the belt as fans chant “You deserve it!”. Tazz comes out and distracts the two before Brian Cage and Ricky Starks lay both men out. The two nearly break Darby’s arm in the door of his car before Will Hobbs appears and runs them off.

Analysis: Fantastic match between these two! Darby managed to outmanoeuvre the champion despite Cody working over his arm throughout and picked up a shock win after a quickfire exchange of roll-up attempts. Not the result I was expecting but very happy with it! Darby never fails to impress and will be a great champion whilst Cody can go on to slow build his eventual heel turn. Team Tazz’s post-match attack felt a little flat though it’d been built for a few weeks now so it wasn’t exactly a surprise and catapults Darby right into his first championship feud.

Hikaru Shida defeats Nyla Rose, retaining the AEW Women’s Championship in 14:10

  • Shida started off very aggressive, keeping Nyla grounded for the first few minutes and delivers a chair-assisted knee strike after the referee stopped Nyla from picking up a table or chair. As the ref checked on Shida, Vickie hit Shida in the leg with a kendo stick.
  • Nyla focused on Shida’s knee for the remainder of the match, twisting around the ring canvas supports and ring post to further aggravate the injury.
  • Shida manages to regain control and attempts the Tamashii but is unable to hit it due to the previous damage caused.
  • Rose delivered a diving knee to Shida who was hung off the top rope, getting a near-fall. She attempted it again for a second time but Shida managed to take her down with a big boot followed by a diving dropkick onto the ramp and another into the ring for a 2 count.
  • Shida manages to hit an Avalanche Falcon Arrow but lets Nyla out of the preceding pinfall attempt. She tries for a Tamashii but Vickie trips her up before attempting to hit her with a kendo stick again which the ref confiscates. Shida pushes Nyla into Vickie which takes her out the rest of the match.
  • Shida manages to hit the Tamashii but Nyla kicks out. She then proceeds to hit 4 Tamashiis in a row, retaining the AEW Women’s Championship!
  • Vickie screams at Nyla after the match and slaps her, but Nyla does not retaliate.

Analysis: The weakest match of the show so far. Not bad but not great like the other matches have been thus far. It also didn’t help that they followed a similar in-ring story to Cody/Darby with Nyla focusing on Shida’s knee. Nyla took a ton of punishment from Shida though and looked strong, with Shida having to hit 4 Tamashiis with her injured knee to put the challenger down. Seems like there’s more story to go with Nyla and Vickie but I hope this is the end of Shida/Nyla for now. Shida should move on to someone else and, for once, have a long-form story behind it.

The Young Bucks defeat FTR, winning the AEW Tag Team Championship in 28:35

  • Nick and Cash kick-off the match, with Cash going for Nick’s injured ankle early but the Jackson brother pushed him off and out the ring.
  • The match eventually breaks down with all four men facing off in the ring before the Bucks manage to clear FTR from the ring.
  • Dax accidentally punches the ringpost when Nick dodges out the way, injuring his right hand in the process which the Bucks focus on. Dax’s hand gets bandaged up by ringside doctors as it begins to bleed.
  • FTR focus on Nick’s ankle after they regain control. Matt manages to push Dax into the ringpost and Matt attempts to make a tag but Nick is taken out by Wheeler. FTR attempt the Powerplex but Matt gets his knees up as Cash attempts the later part of the move.
  • Nick finally manages to tag in and takes down both of FTR on the outside with a Bulldog/Clothesline combination. FTR get back in the ring and manage to hit a Hart Attack for a near-fall.
  • Both teams pay tribute to several well-known tag teams by using their tag finishers, including the Dudley Boyz, the Hardy Boyz, Power & Glory and DIY!
  • Matt and Nick hit the BTE Trigger after a finger snap on Harwood, but Wheeler breaks it up at 2.9.
  • FTR manage to hit the Mindbreaker after powerbombing Nick through a ringside table but Matt JUST manages to get his foot on the rope!
  • Wheeler attempts a springboard 450 splash but misses and Matt manages to hit one last Superkick with his injured knee to win the AEW Tag Team Championship for the very first time!
  • Omega joins the new champions in the ring to celebrate.

Analysis: Fantastic match! There was a level of hype that I don’t think could have been achieved no matter what they did but both teams gave it a damn good go! The match started slow with both teams focusing on an injured body part but the match’s pace quickened fast. Both teams paid tribute to a number of legendary tag teams and the DIY tribute in particular was fantastic! Another result I wasn’t expecting but one that I’m not at all sad about! Young Bucks will be great champions now that they’ve gotten their stride back and hopefully we’re in for more FTR/Young Bucks in the future!

Matt Hardy defeats Sammy Guevara via Pinfall

  • Sammy arrives at the compound in a golf caddy but Hardy appears a monster truck and crushes the smaller vehicle. Sammy appears behind Matt and the two brawl towards the ring on the compound.
  • Hardy puts Guevara through the a table and nearly gets the win before Santana & Ortiz break it up. Hardy radios in for Private Party to help him and the two teams brawl in the ring.
  • Sammy and Hardy run towards the forest aiming fireworks at each other. Hardy nearly pins Guevara before a masked figure appears with The Hurricane tied up. The figure unmasks to reveal Gangrel! Private Party attack Gangrel and Matt manages to free Hurricane before Sammy throws him into the Lake of Reincarnation.
  • Gregory Helms appears as his ‘Ace Reporter’ gimmick before Sammy throws him back into the Lake again. All eight men brawl to Hardy’s Dome of Deletion which Hardy locks himself and Sammy in. The two men brawl using multiple weapons in the facility before making their way into the ring.
  • Sammy breaks the turnbuckles on the ring and uses them to choke Hardy before delivering a Swanton bomb off the top of a ladder but Hardy kicks out.
  • Hardy spears Sammy off the ring through a table with Sammy’s head hitting the floor in the same way Hardy’s hit at All Out. Hardy hits a Con-Chair-To and pins Sammy for the win.
  • Hardy invites Private Party into the Dome of Deletion to take out the trash. The trio load Sammy into a bin and put him on a car which is being driven by Senior Benjamin. The car drives away and Hardy, Reby, Hurricane and Private Party celebrate.

Analysis: Lots of fun easter eggs throughout, though one of the weaker Matt Hardy cinematic matches in my opinion. I would have preferred if the focus stayed purely on Hardy & Guevara like it did for the latter half as the random cuts to Private Party and Santana & Ortiz brawling felt a bit pointless. Quite enjoyed the latter half, though slightly disappointed they didn’t use the coffin that appeared in the background throughout and make some kind of Boneyard reference but alas, we can’t get everything.

MJF defeats Chris Jericho via Pinfall in 16:10

  • Jericho starts off incredibly aggressive, immediately knocking Friedman down and attempting to get an early win. MJF managed to slow the pace down though after Jericho hit his elbow against the ring-post and began focusing on it.
  • Both resort to dirty tactics as the match progresses, with Jericho poking MJF in the eye behind the referee’s back whilst Friedman focuses on Jericho’s injured elbow.
  • Jericho manages to get the Walls of Jericho locked in despite his injured arm but MJF reaches the rope to break the hold.
  • MJF manages to hit a Codebreaker into the Heatseeker DDT for a near-fall.
  • Jericho attempted the Judas Effect but MJF caught it and locked in the Salt of the Earth but Jericho managed to escape.
  • MJF calls for Wardlow to hand him his Dynamite ring and goes to hit Jericho as Wardlow makes the distraction. Jericho dodges and calls for Hager to throw him a bat. MJF performs an Eddie Guerrerro-esque feign and the referee catches Jericho. As the two argue, MJF rolls up Jericho to get the win!
  • Jericho hugs MJF after the match and welcomes both him and Wardlow into The Inner Circle.

Analysis: A much slower match than I was expecting. I felt a little let down by the slow pace to be honest, though the story of the two resorting to the dirtiest tricks in the game to try and outplay each other was great! We had yet another injured body part being worked but the wrestling itself wasn’t really the focus, MJF wins in the end after beating Jericho at his own game and officially joins the Inner Circle! Jericho and MJF are gonna have some magical segments over the next few weeks!

Jon Moxley defeats Eddie Kingston, retaining the AEW World Championship in 17:35

  • Both men kick-off with a flurry of heavy strikes, leading to a slugfest into an exchange of chops.
  • Moxley brings a barbed wire bat into play after being busted open early on, striking Kingston across the back and front several times with it before grinding the wire against Eddie’s head.
  • Kingston removes the wire from the bat and wraps it around his hand before digging the wire into Moxley’s face and hitting a spinning backfist and locking in a Kimura.
  • Kingston releases the hold after roughly 30 seconds and sets up two chairs, which Moxley ends up suplexing Kingston through.
  • Kingston pulls out thumbtacks from under the ring and Moxley attempts a Paradigm Shift onto them but Kingston countered into an Uranage onto them. Kingston then stole rubbing alcohol from the doctor’s area ringside and pours the contents onto Moxley’s punctured back but Moxley stlll refused to quit.
  • Moxley manages to regain control after dodging a knee strike and hits a piledriver and Paradigm Shift but Eddie refuses to quit.
  • Moxley locks the Bulldog Choke in with barbed wire wrapped around his hand, causing Kingston to finally utter “I quit” – Moxley retains the AEW World Championship!
  • Moxley tries to help Kingston to his feet but Kingston rejects his help before stumbling to the back. Kenny Omega appeared to confront the champion and clarify he wanted a traditional match for the championship unlike their previous Lights Out match at Full Gear last year.

Analysis: A BRUTAL main event that worked incredibly well with the I Quit stipualtion! Moxley & Kingston used every violent tactic they could think of to get their opponent to quit and ultimately Moxley’s combined use of the Bulldog Choke on top of of the barbed wire in his hand was ultimately too much even Kingston, who was forced to quit. As much as I love these violent matches, I hope this doesn’t become the traditional for Full Gear – Both main events in the last two years have justified the action, but if it does become the norm, we could see stipulations shoe-horned into feuds that don’t need them, which AEW have been very good at avoiding so far. I am SO excited for Moxley Vs. Omega 2, especially with it looking like a straight wrestling match plus Omega’s recent reversion back to The Cleaner.

And that was AEW Full Gear 2020 which I’d argue is one of, if not the, strongest AEW pay-per-view of the year!

Every match delivered in its own way, even if there was some dips, but I particularly loved Omega Vs. Page, Allin Vs. Cody, FTR Vs. Young Bucks and Moxley Vs. Kingston! I do feel like there was a noticeable energy dip during the Elite Deletion as well as MJF Vs. Jericho but that was by no means either match’s fault. If I had to draw up any negatives, the show did drag a little bit – ending at just under 4 hours – and I felt significantly less invested in Shida/Nyla compared to the rest of the card due to the pre-established story, but both still put on a great match.

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