AEW Finalizing Deal For Third Weekly Show

AEW logo for their Dynamite TV show

AEW has seen continuous growth since first opening in 2019. Even if the company doesn’t match WWE’s numbers or records, it’s still doing well enough to continue adding more and more content to its weekly line-up.

There were previous indications that AEW would add another televised program to accompany Dynamite and Rampage. Now, according to Mat Men’s Andrew Zarian and reported on by the Wrestling Observer, Warner Bros Discovery appear to be on board with this third show as well.

Per Zarian’s report, AEW’s parent company is looking to close the deal this third televised show. Details remain scarce, but Zarian suggested that the official announcement will be made next month.

If the show is greenlit, the report suggests that it will be one hour long and air sometime on Saturdays. The dominant rumor at this time implies that it would be at 6pm on Saturdays, which had been the timeslot of WCW Saturday Night decades ago.

Should this deal go through, then this Saturday show would be the fourth weekly televised program by All Elite Wrestling after Dynamite, Rampage, and All Access.

AEW’s weekly line-up rumored to expand to three televised shows

AEW also has four weekly YouTube shows: Dark and Dark Elevation as the wrestling shows, Unrestricted as the interview show, and Being The Elite as an affiliated vlog-style show spearheaded by The Young Bucks.

The company also has a quarterly special called Battle of the Belts that airs after certain episodes of Rampage and has four or five Pay-Per-View events per year.

The next confirmed special/big show for AEW in 2023 is Battle of the Belts VI, which will take place on Friday, April 8, 2023.