AEW Fight Forever Expected “Soon”

AEW Fight Forever

Ever since it was announced in 2020, fans have eagerly awaited All Elite Wrestling’s first foray into the video game world with AEW Fight Forever.

The game was originally scheduled to be released in September of 2022, but was pushed back to November and then to February 2023 before delays continued to mount.

Reasons for the setbacks have been linked to CM Punk’s involvement and, according to Kenny Omega, some of the game’s content had to be “scaled back” in order to meet the desired ESRB rating of Teen.

A THQ Nordic executive recently confirmed that the game is in good shape but isn’t yet finished, saying that all involved parties want to make sure to release a quality product.

AEW Fight Forever Could Be Released Near Forbidden Door

According to a new report from Fightful Select, AEW Fight Forever is “coming soon.” Sources close to game developer Yuke’s told Fightful that they believe an announcement about the game is “coming sooner rather than later,” and that one source believed the game is set to be released in June near the time of AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, though this was not confirmed to be true.

Additionally, Fightful notes that achievement unlocks have been leaked online, and fans are able to pre-install Fight Forever on Xbox, something that usually indicates a release date is close.

Fightful also reports that most of the people involved in developing the game in roles such as music and writing stories were finished over a year ago.

Sources who’ve played the game indicated to Fightful that Fight Forever reminds them of WWF No Mercy as opposed to the WWE 2K games, and it is not supposed to play like the modern WWE games.