AEW Faction Set To Receive New Members “Imminently”

AEW logo and roster graphic

Big changes are reportedly afoot for an AEW faction that fans have associated with over the years.

With “AEW Collision” set to commence on June 17, this week’s “AEW Dynamite” announced that CM Punk will be tagging with FTR to face Jay White, Juice Robinson and Punk’s old rival, Samoa Joe in trios action for the program’s first-ever main event. Samoa Joe may have a vibe of “odd man out” considering he is not a member of Bullet Club, but a new report from Fightful could give fans a sliver of hope that he just might.

According to the site, AEW has plans to build Bullet Club back up, with new members set to join “imminently.” No report that Samoa Joe is in the plans either way, but it does conjur up some optimism as to what’s ahead for the once unstoppable faction.

There Are Plenty Of Former Bullet Club Members Available For The AEW Faction

While Bullet Club is an established brand, the faction has seemed to lost its way after key members cut out for bigger pastures, several of which are still on the AEW roster and for better or for worse, have ties to CM Punk. Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Hangman Page are all former members of the faction. While The Elite reintergrating themselves with the BC letters seems like a far reach considering the “Brawl Out” beef, it could create the needed buzz for the promotion if everyone was willing to work together. Another potential wild card could be Jeff Jarrett, who was briefly a member of Bullet Club while working with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. That being said, AEW could have a desire to go away from the old and bring in fresh new members in hopes of establishing new stars for the future. Either way, CM Punk has reportedly taken a liking to Jay White and that could only be beneficial for both parties involved.