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AEW Dynamite Results – November 4, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – November 4th 2020

Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 58th episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida for the go-home show before Full Gear this Saturday!

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

  • Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston go face-to-face
  • The return of PAC
  • Miro Vs. Trent?
  • The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) Vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)
  • Cody and The Gunn Club (Billy & Austin Gunn)Vs. The Dark Order (Colt Cabana, John “4” Silver & “10”)
  • The Inner Circle (Sammy Guevara & Ortiz) Vs. MJF & Wardlow

MJF & Wardlow defeat The Inner Circle via Submission in 9:41

  • Jericho, Jake Hager & Santana are interviewed before the match who puts over Jake Hager’s recent MMA win. MJF interrupts and tells Jericho to watch him from his front row seat at commentary to prove why he should be in The Inner Circle.
  • MJF immediately tags in Wardlow who dominates Ortiz before MJF tags back to pick up the scraps. The two isolate Ortiz and prevent his tag to Guevara.
  • Oritz manages to sneak out a hot tag and Guevara stuns MJF & Wardlow to hit multiple Corkscrew Tope Suicidas. Guevara attempts a cover on MJF, but only get a 2.
  • Guevara and MJF exchange offence and Guevara hits the GTF for a pinfall attempt which is broken up by Wardlow. Inner Circle attempt a double superplex on MJF but Wardlow hits a Tower of Doom on both.
  • Guevara hits a Springboard 630 on the outside but Matt Hardy appears and hits him with a chair, allowing MJF to lock in the Salt Of The Earth armbreaker for the win.
  • As MJF made his way up the ramp, he speared Jericho through the commentary background screen. As Jericho got up he had a Cheshire Cat-esque smile on his face.

Analysis: Interesting dynamic in this opener, with Inner Circle almost playing the faces as Ortiz was isolated from Guevara for the majority of the match. Things picked up once Guevara finally tagged in though and the match turned into a high-pace all out affair! Great showing for MJF going into his match with Jericho on Saturday and another excellent showing for Wardlow, particularly with that Tower of Doom spot. Could that be a sign of things to come?

Kenny Omega Interviewed By Tony Schiavone

  • Omega says he respects Page for getting to the final as his former tag partner.
  • Tony asserts that the final was obvious to most fans but Omega disagrees.
  • Omega once again slyly references his G1 Climax success in the past and says he’s destined to win the tournament and become the next AEW World Champion.

Analysis: The slow burn of Kenny Omega’s turn to the dark side has been great and this was another nice little addition to that story. I wouldn’t be entirely shocked to see Omega cheat to pick up the win over Page after an incredibly even match at Full Gear but I think there’s still value in dragging out the build for now. Omega’s gonna be a STAR when he fully turns and I cannot wait to see full-on Cleaner-esque Kenny Omega again.

Miro defeats Trent? via Submission in 11:03


  • Miro interrupts Justin Roberts ring announcing and insults Trent’s mum, which sets him off into a rage. Trent tries to hit a Tornado DDT but Rusev overpowers him and hits a Saito Suplex.
  • Kip Sabian attempts to interfere but Chuck Taylor fights him out the arena. Penelope Ford tries to square up to Orange Cassidy but he ignores her. Miro continues to dominate but Ford slaps OC who proceeds to take her glasses.
  • John Silver & The Dark Order attack Cassidy ringside before Miro scares them away. Miro tries to hit his signature Bicycle kick but Trent dodges and attempts a roll-up for a two count. Trent slips when attempting a springboard move and Rusev connects with the kick before locking in the Game Over.
  • Taylor attacks Miro after he keeps the Game Over locked in but Sabian saves his partner. Miro taunts Best Friends on the mic but Orange Cassidy hits an Orange Drop on Miro & Sabian as the two teams are separated.

Analysis: A far more even match between these two than I expected, though the ringside shenanigans did detract from it somewhat. Trent got a lot of offence in after being enraged by Miro’s pre-match taunts but I feel like the constant interrupts from Hardy attacking Guevara, Ford slapping Orange Cassidy and Dark Order attacking Cassidy all distracted from Miro’s domination in his first AEW singles match. Cassidy’s Orange Drop on Miro & Sabian could well be a sign of things to come – I’d be very interested in an Orange Cassidy Vs. Miro feud!

Hangman Adam Page Interviewed by Jim Ross

  • Page is drinking, clearly somewhat intoxicated and says he’s going to “whoop Kenny’s a**”.
  • JR says that he thinks Page is lying and that he’s using the alcohol to cover up his nerves.
  • Page admits he’s nervous and says if he doesn’t win, he doesn’t know what he’ll have besides his glass of whiskey.

Analysis: I’m not entirely sure if this is meant to be a tease that Page isn’t going to go into Full Gear ‘100%’ so to speak. I’ve been expecting a very even contest between Omega/Page in the final at Full Gear but maybe it won’t be so competitive? Either way, I think this path could still very well lead to the clamoured for Omega heel turn so I’m more curious than apprehensive about it.

Team Tazz Interrupt The Show

  • Tazz says the Tony Khan was too busy dealing with people competing on Full Gear to talk to him before the show.
  • He references the AEW Rankings system in relation to his frustrations surrounding Tazz not being on Full Gear. He mentions Tazz has a 10-1 record and is number 1 in the mens singles rankings overall, but meanwhile Ricky Starks isn’t even on the board.
  • Starks takes the mic and says he’s knocked every opportunity he’s been given out of the park, but he can’t understand why he hasn’t even ranked.
  • Tazz says that Darby/Cody will be a great match on Saturday but they’ll be keeping a close eye on the outcome.

Analysis: The strongest promo these three have delivered over the last couple of weeks for sure! It’s interesting that they’ve put so much focus on them, making it seem very obvious that Cage and/or Starks will be the next challenger to whoever comes out of Full Gear with the TNT title. Team Tazz have more history with Allin than Cody which you could take as a hint that Darby’s dethroning Cody at Full Gear but I don’t see The American Nightmare losing the title so quickly. Either way, Cage will be a great challenger for the champion over the next few weeks!

The Young Bucks defeat Private Party via Pinfall in 14:37

  • As Matt Hardy accompanies Private Party to the ring, Sammy Guevara attacked him and hit a Twist of Fate on him. Hardy was helped backstage.
  • Fast-paced feel right from the get-go with the two teams trying to outdo each other’s tag offence and atleticism.
  • Private Party got multiple near-falls, at one point getting incredibly close to a 3 with a Hurricanrana/Cutter combination but Matt Jackson managed to break it up.
  • The Young Bucks pick up the win with the BTE Trigger but FTR spoil their post-match celebration and attempt to break Matt’s ankle again. Hangman Adam Page makes the save and Kenny Omega appears just after, with the two staring each other down as we go to commericals.

Analysis: Fantastic match between these two teams, especially considering it was only put together a few hours before the show! The Bucks get revenge for Private Party defeating them in the first round of the inaugural AEW Tag Team Tournament just over a year ago. The post-match angle was great as well and had a lovely little hint towards Omega’s heel turn with him appearing just after Page already cleared FTR from the ring just to make himself look good.

Kingston & Moxley Meet Face-To-Face One Last Time

  • Kingston says he’ll destroy Moxley on Saturday and he’ll show his mother the title after he wins and say that it’s the reason she doesn’t have a grandchild because it’s all that matters.
  • Moxley says “the loudest one in the room is the weakest one” and that Kingston made a promise to his mother that he just can’t keep.
  • Kingston replies that Moxley better get ready to kill him at Full Gear because he’s never quitting.

Analysis: An incredibly endearing war of words between these two before their I Quit bout at Full Gear. I’ve seen a few complaints that this doesn’t feel worthy of being the world title match of a pay-per-view but this segment should erase ALL doubt. Kingston & Moxley dug into their personal history to build this into almost a blood feud between the two. Kingston elevates any promo segment he’s in to the next level and even though he hasn’t a chance in hell of beating Moxley on Saturday, he’s made a relatively quick built world title feud into one of the most endearing of Full Gear as a whole!

PAC Appears For The First Time In Seven Months!

  • PAC is shown sitting on a couch watching Dynamite whilst multiple versions of him in his ring gear appear around him.
  • PAC says that the thing about isolation is that you’ve got nobody to play with and not to worry about him, because he’s been lost and abandoned before.

Analysis: A slightly odd promo from PAC, though that isn’t a bad thing! It looks like he’s almost been driven mad judging by the multiple versions of him that appear throughout. The video didn’t really give much of a hint of when we can expect to see him in-ring but I wouldn’t be against seeing just video packages of him over the next couple of weeks!

Nyla Rose defeats Red Velvet via Pinfall in 1:57

  • Velvet managed to get early offence in on Rose, but the larger woman quickly regained control and dominated.
  • After playing with Velvet for a minute or so, Rose hits Hikaru Shida’s finisher – The Tamashii – to pick up the pinfall win. Shida looms upset at the use of her own move to taunt her from ringside.
  • Vickie Guerrero taunts Shida further, telling her to enjoy her last three days as champion before a brawl ensued between the champion and challenger.

Analysis: I’m gonna sound like a broken record here but yet again we’re hitting the same constant wall with the AEW Women’s Championship match: I have no reason to care. There was at least an attempt to build a bit of story here which is commendable but if I was a new viewer and had no prior knowledge of the show, I wouldn’t have known Shida was the champion if she wasn’t holding the belt. AEW’s presentation of their Women’s title is very inconsistent and it’s a damn shame because Shida is fantastic and there is a whole host of great women on the roster who they could tell great stories with.

There is a glimmer of hope in the form of the NWA Women’s World Championship which might allow for more female time on the shows if it becomes a regular AEW feature though I still maintain AEW should put longer, more consistent focus on the women’s championship to make people invest in it.

The Gunn Club & Cody defeat The Dark Order via Pinfall in 9:10

  • A Darby Allin video package was shown before the main event where Allin broke into a car using his skateboard and ran over a man with a mask of Cody’s face on. Allin was shown sitting in the rafters once again as The Gunn Club made their entrance.
  • The Dark Order attempted to isolate the more inexperienced Austin Gunn from the rest of his team, but the younger Gunn managed to tag in his father – who cleared the ring and hit a Famea**er for a near-fall cover.
  • Austin Gunn managed to pick up the win with the Quickdraw in his Dynamite debut, pinning 10.
  • Cody cut a promo after the match, calling out Darby for telling lies that TNT don’t want him as TNT Champion. Cody says this isn’t true, both he and the network would love Darby as champion, but it just isn’t going to happen. Cody said that Darby needs to stop lying to himself about the reason he’s not champion: Because he’s getting a shot at the ace championship, but he’s not the face – He’s not the face of AEW.

Analysis: Quite a flat main event leading us into Full Gear to be honest, though Cody’s post-match promo did bring it up a bit. The match itself really didn’t have anything of interest and I personally think Kingston & Moxley’s Face-To-Face Confrontation or Young Bucks Vs. Private Party would have been both been more exciting options to get us excited for Full Gear – This didn’t feel like the main event of a go-home show to get us hyped for the pay-per-view. As I referenced earlier though, Cody’s promo after the match was great and shows signs of his slow-building power craze which will no doubt rise even more after he defeats Allin on Saturday.

And that was the November 4th 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite!

A good go-home show to Full Gear that was somewhat hindered by odd card placement (though this may be due in part to Shawn Spears Vs. Scorpio Sky being taken off the show just hours before). In terms of positives, Young Bucks/Private Party was a fantastic match especially considering it was booked as a last-minute replacement; Kingston and Moxley’s face-to-face confrontation solidified the world title match’s top spot on Full Gear; and the Kenny Omega Vs. Hangman Adam Page build throughout made for some great hype for their confrontation this Saturday.

Unfortunately, the match aspect of the main event felt flat (though Cody’s post-match promo redeemed it somewhat) and the AEW Women’s Championship story once again feels like an afterthought, getting only around five minutes on the show overall. All in all though, the episode did a fine job of wrapping up the loose ends and hyping us up for Full Gear this Saturday!

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