AEW Dynamite Results – November 11th 2020

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 59th episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida for the first Dynamite following Full Gear!

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

Brian Cage defeats Matt Sydal via Pinfall in 9:33

  • Tazz points out Darby Allin sitting in the rafters with the TNT Championship before the match. Tazz tells Darby to stay away from the ring or he’ll get beaten up like at Full Gear and to watch Cage beat Sydal here.
  • Cage overpowers Sydal for the majority of the match, hitting multiple clotheslines and suplexing Sydal with ease.
  • Sydal manages to regain control by focusing on Cage’s quads with a series of kicks before hitting a Meteroa on Cage onto the entrance ramp.
  • Cage went for the Drill Claw but Sydal countered into a hurricanrana into a roll-up for a near-fall. Sydal attempted to go for a top rope dive, but Cage caught him in mid-air and hit the Drill Claw for the pinfall victory!
  • Ricky Starks calls out the other contenders for the TNT Championship and announces Team Tazz’s intention to reach the top of the rankings and challenging Darby Allin.

Analysis: Great opener between these two with Cage handing Sydal his second singles loss in AEW. Cage dominated for the majority of the match but Sydal picked up steam and looked close to picking up a shock win several times but Cage managed to put him down with an EXCELLENT mid-air Drill Claw. Very very excited to see Darby Vs. Cage down the line.

Cody Rhodes Confronted by Jade Cargill, Lays Down Challenge On Behalf of Shaq

  • Cody congratulates Darby on becoming the new TNT Champion and announces he will not be seeking a rematch right now but that he’s instead looking to challenge MJF.
  • A woman appears behind Cody, takes the mic from him and introduces herself as Jade Cargill. She says that Cody has been lying to their AEW audience and disputes Cody’s claim that he’s a giant killer because “there’s nothing giant about” him.
  • Jade says comments like that are enough to wake the giant she knows and that she’s nobody to mess with. Jade says the giant’s name is Shaq.
  • Brandi comes out and rips Jade apart on the mic before the two are separated. Team Tazz attack Cody in the confusion and Darby Allin makes the save, driving Cage & Starks from the ring before Will Hobbs also appears.

Analysis: Looks like Cody’s next challenge will be Shaquille O’Neill! Totally unexpected twist but AEW have handled celebrity involvement well in the past so willing to give it a shot. If anything, the segment built another layer onto the rivalry between Team Tazz, Allin, Hobbs and Rhodes and Brandi viciously cut down Jade after taking the microphone from her.

Jon Moxley Looks Ahead To Kenny Omega’s Challenge

  • Moxley is interviewed by Alex Marvez about his title retention over Eddie Kingston. Moxley says he originally came to AEW to beat people up and hear the roar of the crowd but now he sees the championship represents all the people who’ve been mocked.
  • Moxley calls Omega one of the greatest pro wrestlers in the world but reminds us that he’s beaten Omega before and if anyone can beat him twice, it’s him.
  • Kenny Omega Vs. Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship will take place on the December 2nd episode of Dynamite!

Analysis: Great promo to hype up Moxley/Omega! Frankly shocked they’re doing the match on Dynamite but not at all complaining. Should be a fantastic match if their brutal Lights Out Unsanctioned match at Full Gear last year is anything to judge it by.

The Natural Nightmares defeat The Butcher & The Blade via Pinfall in 12:52

  • QT Marshall attacks Blade as Justin Roberts is cut off of his rin announcing. Dustin delivers the Final Reckoning onto a chair.
  • Butcher manages to hold Dustin down and handcuff him to the ring. QT is busted open and Allie drives an implement into the wound.
  • Dustin manages to take down both Butcher and Blade, hitting both with a ladder before Butcher disarmed him with a chair.
  • Dustin delivers a Bulldog to Butcher through a wooden structure at ringside as QT hit an Elbow drop from the top of a ladder onto Blade for a near-fall.
  • QT hits a diving cutter on Butcher but Blade counters with a low blow as QT attempts it on him. QT dodges a tackle from Blade, who accidentally hits Allie who falls through a table.
  • Natural Nightmares pick up the win after Dustin hits Blade with a cowbell and QT hits a diving cutter for the win!

Analysis: A BRUTAL and unexpectedly great Bunkhouse between the Natural Nightmares and Butcher & Blade. Some might argue that match was too much for a feud that was mostly built on Dark but I think giving the Dark feuds these big moments brings eyes to Dark and, to be fair, the feud has lasted for several months now. Blade got a full-on crimson mask by the end and QT got his revenge after Allie played with his heart, a great way to close out the story.

MJF & Wardlow Are Inducted Into The Inner Circle, MJF Announces Surprise Vegas Trip

  • Justin introduces the 2020 annual Inner Circle induction and a cheesy introduction video plays before Jericho makes his way to the win and introduces the rest of the original Inner Circle. Sammy is unexpectedly missing.
  • Jericho introduces Wardlow & MJF as the Inner Circle’s newest members. MJF is (fake) crying as he makes his way to the ring. MJF says he was given a small loan of $1 million to make a career out of wrestling.
  • MJF reads out Drake’s “All Me” poem and claims it as his own, Ortiz calls him out for it. Ortiz tells Jericho to see through MJF’s charade and Jericho says they’re a team and that they have to make this work.
  • MJF says this is also a celebration of Jericho’s birthday and that they’re going to Las Vegas to celebrate during next week’s Dynamite!

Analysis: Another very fun segment with MJF and The Inner Circle with Jericho and MJF gloat excitedly about their new partnership whilst Wardlow and the rest of Inner Circle aren’t so impressed. If the Vegas trip next week is anything like Dinner Debonair from a few weeks ago, we’re gonna be in for another treat. Very excited!

Young Bucks Interviewed By Alex Marvez

  • Marvez is nervous after the Bucks superkicked him in his last interview with him but Nick apologises for it.
  • Alex asks what’s next and Matt announces they’re looking to face new blood and will face Top Flight on next week’s Dynamite.

Analysis: Marvez being slightly put-off interviewing the Bucks is great story continuity, that’s one thing AEW are consistently great at. Personally not seen Top Flight but been told great things about them so I’ll definitely familiarise myself with them before their Dynamite match with the tag champions next week!

Shawn Spears defeats Scorpio Sky via Pinfall in 9:13

  • Spears focuses on Sky’s back early on, allowing him to maintain control over the former SCU member.
  • Spears delivers a sickening backbreaker onto some steel steps but Spears manages to get back up as he rolls into the ring and lock in a Sharpshooter.
  • Tully plants Spears’ Slug in the corner and distracts Sky by throwing in a second. Spears hits Sky with a slug-loaded punch to pick up the win.
  • Bryce Remsberg checks Spears’ glove after the match as he suspects foul play but cannot find the slug.

Analysis: Fun little match between Spears and Sky to round up their long-running feud. I LOVED commentary mentioning that Bryce had checked Spears’ glove before the match for the slug and him checking for it afterwards – Referees aren’t shown to be intelligent nearly enough in wrestling and of course Remsbury would suspect foul play after a random punch ended the match from his perspective.

Kenny Omega Responds To His Dynamite World Title Match Announcement

  • Omega is meant to be interviewed backstage by Dasha Fuentes but Dasha says Kenny ran off before the cameras cut to her but Alex Marvez manages to catch up with the #1 contender as he’s seen leaving the arena talking to someone on his phone.
  • Omega says he’s been listening to fans who have been wondering where The Cleaner has been – The Kenny Omega who put on 7-star matches in NJPW. Kenny says The Cleaner’s always been there but wants to resume that role in full force now.
  • Omega believes Moxley is ready for the match and says he is too, before bidding Marvez and the audience adieu as he leaves the arena.

Analysis: I’m loving Omega’s slow return to The Cleaner of old, both in terms of his new singles dominance and the mixed messages that suggest an incoming heel turn. His sudden leaving of the arena and him quickly putting down the phone when Marvez finds him suggests that he might be talking to someone who’ll either turn with him or debut when he turns though that’s purely speculation.

Tay Conti defeats Red Velvet via Pinfall in 7:50

  • Velvet and Conti fake each other out with feigned strikes before attempting multiple roll-up attempts on each other.
  • Conti uses her power advantage to take control over Velvet and hits the Tayogoshi for a near-fall.
  • Velvet makes herself an opening after hitting a series of knee strikes against the ropes and the corner before delivering a running stunner for a near-fall.
  • Both women knock each other out with roundhouse kicks and Anna Jay slips in a chair. Conti kicks it out and Velvet hits a Leg Lariat for a near-fall. Conti hit a pump kick before delivering a Gory Special spun into a Knee Strike to pick up the win.

Analysis: Really strong showing from both women! Whilst I would have preferred Hikaru Shida to have a match instead (Neither she nor Nyla were even mentioned on the show), having these smaller matches focusing on less developed members of the women’s roster does help add name value to them. Despite a few clumsy spots, the two put on a really engaging match and it’s clear Conti has improved a ton in the few months since her WWE release.

Sammy Guevara Confronts MJF About Sending Him To A Beach

  • We cut to Alex Marvez interviewing The Inner Circle backstage, who are all clutching their tickets to Las Vegas that are on MJF
  • MJF calls Marvez ‘Markvez’ before Sammy Guevara appears and says MJF emailed him to go to a beach instead of the induction. MJF says he sent a second email to tell Guevara to come to the induction instead, but Guevara swears he only got one email.
  • Jericho tells Guevara to calm down and that he probably missed the second email before he and the rest of The Inner Circle wander off-camera. MJF reiterates that he sent the second email and hands Guevara his ticket, who looks less than pleased with it.

Analysis: MJF has completely gaslit Jericho and it’s incredible, despite all the warning signs sitting right in front of him Jericho is willing to ignore all of them to try and strengthen The Inner Circle with both MJF & Wardlow now fully-fledged members. The Las Vegas segment next week should be hilarious and will hopefully build on the dissent between MJF and Ortiz & Guevara.

Penta El Zero M defeats Rey Fenix via Pinfall in 12:34, PAC Returns To Confront Eddie Kingston

  • Kingston cuts a promo saying he has to live with his loss to Moxley but he won’t stop until he’s worlds champion and tells fans to look forward to the main event, which he’ll be commentating.
  • Both men started off FAST, delivering heavy kicks in their first exchange to knock each other down. Penta slows the pace right down though, locking in various submissions and ripping Penta’s mask open.
  • Fenix manages to regain control with a spinning kick into the corner before being launched to the ramp by his brother. Fenix hits a Springboard Hurricanrana roll-up for a near-fall and rips Penta’s mask open in retaliation.
  • Fenix hits a Flip Reverse DDT and attempts a second but Fenix counters with a spinning tope to the outside. Fenix delivers a Senton Atomico but Fenix kicks out.
  • Penta hits a Package Piledriver onto the ring apron before hitting a BRUTAL Destroyer on the outside. He then rolled Fenix into the ring to deliver a second Destroyer, which got him the 3-count.
  • After the match, Kingston congratulates Penta on his win and says he doesn’t need “the dead weight” of his brother before PAC returned to confront Kingston. PAC called Kingston a scumbag and said he’d made a huge mistake before charging the ring, with the two being separated by officials as the show went off the air.

Analysis: Fantastic match between Penta and Fenix to end off Dynamite! I didn’t think they could do it but they managed to top their World Title Eliminator match from a few weeks ago by taking a much more brutal approach this week. Penta practically debilitated his brother with the Package Piledriver onto the apron and the two Destroyers made sure he stayed down. PAC’s return was great and I’m so excited for the future battles between Kingston and PAC – both in the ring and on the mic – though this definitely wasn’t something that would “completely change the landscape of wrestling” as Tony Khan hyped it to be before the show, so I can understand some people being disappointed by it.

And that was the November 11th episode of AEW Dynamite!

A really strong show hot off the heels of a fantastic Full Gear! Every match on the show delivered in their own, particularly Penta Vs. Fenix 2 and Natural Nightmares Vs. Butcher & Blade, and each segment felt like it either contributed to an existing story or set-up a new one, no filler whatsoever!

There are some minor negatives though: Neither Hikaru Shida nor Nyla Rose were seen or even mentioned during the show, which is extremely disappointing considering the other three title matches got video recaps and at least one segment each throughout the show. PAC return could also be seen as a bit of a disappointment considering how high Tony Khan hyped the end of the show on social media and in-person. If they didn’t air the video from PAC last week announcing his return then I could maybe understand it being a landscape changing moment but it did feel over-hyped, though I’m very excited for all the possibilities that come with a PAC/Kingston feud.

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