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AEW Dynamite Results – March 31st 2021

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 79th episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida as AEW’s flagship show continues to build to Double or Nothing!

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The results from this week’s show were as follows:

  • Christian Cage defeated Frankie Kazarian via Pinfall (16:33)
  • Jon Moxley defeated Cezar Bononi via Knockout (7:54)
  • Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers defeated Laredo Kid & The Lucha Brothers via Pinfall (14:17)
  • Nyla Rose & The Bunny defeated Tay Conti & Hikaru Shida via Pinfall (7:52)
  • Best Friends defeated Miro & Kip Sabian via Pinfall (14:19)

Frankie Kazarian vs Christian Cage

  • The two get into a collar-and-elbow tie-up early on which neither man gets the better of. Kazarian eventually stuns Cage with an elbow strike, knocking him to the outside. Cage responds by running at Kazarian but he delivers a back body drop back into the ring.
  • Kazarian takes control, hitting several strikes in the corner before following up by pushing Christian off the top rope to the outside. Christian makes his way back in and Kazarian locks in a headlock before transitioning into a back suplex for a near-fall.
  • The two get into a striking exchange, eventually allowing Cage to hit a top rope swinging DDT but he only gets a two-count. Christian hits 10 punches in the corner before Kazarian uses a jacknife pin to get a two-count.
  • Kazarian tries to lock in the Crossface Chickenwing but Christian escapes. He tries for the Killswitch but Kazarian rolls out. Christian hits a reverse DDT and goes for a frog splash but Kazarian dodges.
  • Kazarian locks in the Crossface Chickenwing and Christian endures it for about a minute before breaking it up via rope break. Kazarian hits a springboard leg drop but Chrsitian kicks out at a very narrow near-fall. Kazarian tries for a superplex and Christian holds on until Kazarian hits a headbutt!
  • Kazarian hits the Flux Capacitor but Christian kicks out at 2.9. Kazarian tries for a second springboard leg drop but Christian dodges, allowing him to hit a frog splash for a near-fall. Christian whips Kazarian into the corner post before hitting the Killswitch to pick up the win.

Winner: Christian Cage via Pinfall in 16:33

Cody Rhodes vs QT Marshall – Exhibition Match w/ Arn Anderson as Special Guest Referee

  • The Nightmare Family surround the ring as Dustin and Billy Gunn accompany Cody to the ring. Cody outwrestles QT early on but the latter eventually starts using strikes and focusing on Cody’s injured arm to take control, causing Arn to berate QT.
  • Both men start using heavier and heavier strikes as we cut to commercial. We cut back to Cody hitting an Oklahoma slam before teasing locking in the figure four, but he releases it. QT takes advantage by trying to strike Cody but Cody counters into the position for the Cross Rhodes, which he releases.
  • QT slaps Cody before leaving the ring. Cody holds the ropes open and QT punches Arn before escaping to the ramp. He looks remorseful before several Nightmare Family students turn on the rest of the family. QT, Aaron Solow, Nick Comoroto and Anthony Agogo cause chaos.
  • QT hits a piledriver on Dustin on top of steel steps – busting him open- before attempting to hit a conchairto on Cody before Red Velvet stops him, causing QT to walk away.
  • After a commercial break, Red Velvet says she had to help Cody backstage before Jade Cargill attacks her.

Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky Team Up

  • Page & Sky cut a split face promo that they’re underappreciated in AEW and that AEW haven’t held up their end of the deal when they’ve given them starpower. They say they’re teaming up and you can see them first on Dark: Elevation this Monday.

Jon Moxley vs Cezar Bononi

  • Moxley cuts a promo about how he still hears the sound of Omega & The Good Brothers breaking Eddie’s ankle and still has scars from the Barbed Wire Deathmatch. He says Bononi looks good but he’s on another level.
  • Bononi takes control early on, hitting a big boot in the corner before Moxley catches him and hits a dragon leg screw. Moxley continues to wear down Bononi’s leg with a Single Leg Boston Crab before Bononi powers out. Ryan Nemeth catches Moxley’s leg as he runs off the ropes, allowing Bononi to hit a suplex before we cut to commercial.
  • We cut back to Bononi whipping Moxley into the corners and hitting stiff lariats before Moxley eventually stuns Bononi with a slap.
  • Moxley hits a german suplex before following up with a superplex for a near-fall. Moxley locks in a cross armbreaker but JD Drake distracts the referee as Nemeth gets a a Paradigm Shift courtesy of Moxley. Bononi tries to hit a Pumphandle powerslam but Moxley counters into a sleeper hold which incapcitates Bononi for the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley via Knockout in 7:54

MJF Presents His Gift To The Pinnacle

  • MJF introduces his gift to The Pinnacle: A personal stylist for the group and an interior decorator. He says they’ll start be renovating the bathroom, revealing The Inner Circle inside. He tries to escape through the exit but Jake Hager is there to stop him.
  • The two factions brawl in the room and out into the hallway. Sammy slams Spears head into a door, Hager hits an urange on Wardlow through a massage table, Dash gets knocked into an ice bath by Proud N’ Powerful whilst busting open Dax.
  • We cut back to MJF and Jericho brawling in the locker room before Jericho gives him a swirlie before whipping him through a drinks fridge. The Inner Circle drag MJF out the room, take down The Pinnacle’s logo off the door and sticking theirs back on.

Don Callis Confronts Matt Jackson

  • Alex Marvez tries to interview The Young Bucks about them rejecting
  • Don says Matt broke Omega’s heart last week by rejecting him because he chose The Young Bucks over his own career. Callis asks what’s wrong with Matt and says he’s cold and dead inside before slapping him. Matt grabs Callis by the collar but releases his grasp. Callis calls Matt “truly pathetic” before walking away.

Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs Laredo Kid & The Lucha Brothers

  • Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid attack Omega & The Good Brothers during their entrance as Don Callis joins commentary. Omega takes a triple superkick but is saved by Karl Anderson. Omega & Laredo Kid are eventually the only men in the ring and the match starts.
  • Laredo Kid maintains control early on with a triple moonsault but Omega eventually tags out to Gallows, who works over Kid in the corner. The heels keep Kid isolated in their corner by continually tagging in and out before we cut to commercial.
  • We cut back to Omega & Anderson knocking The Lucha Brothers off the apron before hitting a triple Trash Compactor with Gallows for a near-fall. Laredo Kid eventually tags out to Fenix who hits a double cutter on Omega and Anderson before he and Penta follow up with a double splash.
  • The faces hit a moonsault into a double stomp into a senton atomico but Omega breaks up the pinfall attempt. Anderson and Gallows hit the Boot of Doom on Fenix but Fenix kicks out. They attempt the Magic Killer but Penta breaks it up.
    Everyone takes out everyone else, ending with Anderson hitting a spinebuster on Fenix. Omega and Kid tag back in and Omega hits a knee strike for a near-fall after countering a springboard into a powerbomb.
  • Omega attempts the One Winged Angel but Laredo Kid counters into a hurricanrana followed up by a tope suicida. The Lucha Brothers throw the Good Brothers to the same area before Penta hits a springboard senton to take them down.
  • Laredo Kid hits a michnoku driver on Omega for a close near-fall before Omega finally hits the V-Trigger. He hits the One Winged Angel to pick up the win.
  • As the group celebrates with Don Callis, Jon Moxley makes his way to the stage. He is eventually joined by The Young Bucks who run in to clear Omega & The Good Brothers from the ring.

Winner: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers via Pinfall in 14:17

Rebel Interviews Britt Baker

  • Britt can’t get a hold of Tony so Rebel interview her instead. Britt plugs Dark: Elevation and reminds us that Rosa’s win over her two weeks ago didn’t count because it was unsanctioned. She says she’ll still be on Dynamite delivering the three most important letters in AEW: D. M. D.

Nyla Rose & The Bunny vs Hikaru Shida & Tay Conti

  • Nyla and The Bunny attack Conti & Shida before the bell, allowing Rose to gain the advantage over Shida as the bell rings. The Bunny maintains control over Shida as we cut to commercial.
  • We cut back to Shida building a comeback as she hits a suplex on The Bunny into Nyla before Conti gets the hot tag. The Dark Order brawl with the Matt Money Office on the outside as Tay hits the Tay-KO on The Bunny, but Rosa breaks it up. Shida tries to jump onto Nyla on the outside but gets caught by the brawling groups.
  • Conti hits a dive to take them all down but gets distracted by Vickie when she gets back in the ring. The Bunny hits her with a kendo stick followed up by Down The Rabbit Hole to pick up the win.

Winner:Nyla Rose & The Bunny via Pinfall in 7:52

Miro & Kip Sabian vs Best Friends – Arcade Anarchy Match

  • Best Friends attack Sabian & Miro before the bell. Cassidy & Sabian brawl towards the arcade machines before Cassidy throw Sabian through the Whack-A-Mole and hits him with the toy hammer. Miro tackles Cassidy before hitting him with the hammer in retaliation.
  • Best Friends regain control by beating Miro down with a kendo stick and garbage can lid before following up by using a ringside barricade as a battering ram. They dump a table and some of the machines on top of Miro to keep him down before attempting a pinfall but Sabian breaks the cover.
  • Taylor pulls a teddy bear off the prize board before throwing Sabian back into the ring.
  • Taylor rips the bear open, which has LEGO inside it. Sabian manages to stun Cassidy long enough to hit a powerbomb. Cassidy kicks out and hits Beach Break but Penelope FOrd pulls Aubrey out of the ring.
  • Ford is about to whip Cassidy with her belt before Kris Statlander appears out of a UFO arcade machine and hits a falcon arrow through an air hockey table. Miro takes down Cassidy and Taylor with a steel chair before Trent’s mum arrives with Trent.
  • Miro attempts to attack Sue but Trent saves her. He and Miro brawl until Trent spears Miro through a table. Chuck hits an Oklahoma slam on Sabian off the stage through some tables to pick up the win.

Winner: Best Friends via Pinfall in 14:19