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AEW Dynamite Results – March 24th 2021

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 78th episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida as AEW’s flagship show continues to build to Double or Nothing!

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The results from this week’s show were as follows:

  • Kenny Omega defeated Matt Sydal via Pinfall (11:35)
  • Hangman Page defeated Cezar Bononi via Pinfall (2:20)
  • The Pinnacle defeated The Varsity Blonds & Darius Martin via Pinfall (6:10)
  • The Lucha Brothers & Laredo Kid defeated The Young Bucks & Brandon Cutler via Pinfall (12:25)
  • Tay Conti defeated Nyla Rose via Pinfall (9:25)
  • Darby Allin defeated John Silver via Pinfall to retain the TNT Championship (13:45)

Kenny Omega vs Matt Sydal – AEW World Championship Eliminator Match

  • Don Callis joins commentary for the match. Omega gets the better of the opening collar-and-elbow tie-up before hitting an elbow drop for a 1-count early on. Omega continues to dominate Sydal whilst focusing on his left arm but Sydal manages to hit a standing corkscrew senton for a 2-count.
  • Omega continues to maintain control, hitting a back suplex onto the ring apron before following up with a backbreaker for a 2-count of his own. Sydal manages to counter a powerbomb attempt from Omega into a spin kick and follows up with a fisherman’s brainbuster for a near-fall.
  • Omega hits a dragon suplex and attempts the V-Trigger but Sydal counters into a roll-up for a close near-fall. Sydal hits the Lightning Spiral whilst Omega was arguing with the referee but Omega kicks out at 2.
  • Omega counters a meteora attempt from Sydal into a powerbomb followed up by a V-Trigger but Sydal kicks out again. Sydal hits a reverse hurricanrana and goes for the shooting star press but Omega knocks his feet out from under him.
  • Omega hits a V-Trigger on the top before attempting the One Winged Angel again. Sydal counters into a roll-up for an incredibly close V-Trigger but Omega hits the One Winged Angel to pick up the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega via Pinfall in 11:35

Hangman Page vs Cezar Bononi

  • Bononi attempts to overpower Page early on, hitting a fallaway slam onto the apron to take control. He eventually lets Page regain his facilities whilst taunting to the crowd, allowing Page to build up a head of steam and hit the Buckshot Lariat for the win

Winner: Hangman Page via Pinfall in 2:20

Lance Archer Explains Why He Interrupted Sting Last Week

  • Archer says he looked up to Sting and there is no Lance Archer without Sting. But he says that Sting’s time should be his because people should be paying attention to him, not Sting.

Britt Baker Addresses The Response To Her Unsanctioned Lights Out Match

  • Tony calls the match on the greatest ever on Dynamite and asks for the crowd to applaud her but Baker dismisses it, saying the crowd is “as dumb and delusional as Thunder Rosa.” Baker says Rosa should be thankful because she’ll always be remembered for a story that Baker wrote with her own blood.
  • Baker mocks the legends who congratulated her, specifically Mick Foley who she said took 20 years to become a Hardcore Icon whilst she did it in one night. She ends by saying she is a legend now and AEW is just second to three more important letters: DMD.

Christian Cage’s AEW In-Ring Debut Is Confirmed

  • We see Christian Cage talking to Dante Martin & Varsity Blonds before Dasha interrupts and asks what they were talking about. Christian says he giving them some friendly advice to them ahead of their tag match later before Frankie Kazarian interrupts.
  • Kazarian says he appreciates Cage’s catchphrase but asks when the work part begins. Cage says it in fact begins next week and as of yet he doesn’t have an opponent so challenges Kazarian. Kazarian accepts but tells Cage to watch his match on Dark: Elevation next Monday first.

The Pinnacle vs The Varsity Blonds & Darius Martin

  • Spears and Garrison start the match off before Garrison tags in PIllman who quickly tags in Martin. The faces continually tag in and out whilst working over Spear’s left arm. Spears eventually tags out to Dax who gets doubled speared alongside Spears with Garrison.
  • The Pinnacle regroup outside the ring and the faces attempt a suicide dive onto them but Wardlow blocks it before we cut to commercial. We cut back to Dax hitting a brainbuster to Dante before tagging in Spears, who hits the C4 to pick up the win whilst FTR takedown Varsity Blonds in the corner.
  • After the match, Wardlow attacks Pillman before throwing him out of the ring. Cash gets on the mic and says The Pinnacle are family before Dax calls out Inner Circle and says they don’t stand up to The Pinnacle in the world of professional wrestling.
  • MJF says Jericho is breaking whatever chair he’s sitting on rather than breaking the walls down in AEW before calling Jericho to come out. Schiavone tries to tell them that they’re hurt and MJF stares him out to get him to shut up.
  • MJF says that the reward for the rest of the members joining up is going to be all the gold they’ll be getting in the future.

Winners: The Pinnacle via Pinfall in 6:10

QT Marshall Explains His Recent Actions

  • QT says he’s been frustrated recently because most people just see him as Cody’s friend. QT says nobody besides Tony has done more work in AEW than him because Cody goes home to sleep whilst he stays up working all night.
  • QT suggests an exhibition match: him vs Cody next week on Dynamite before Cody comes out to interrupt. Cody says he will happily accommodate his exhibition match and that Arn will be the referee. Cody promises he will not hurt QT though and will beat him using as little offence as possible.

The Young Bucks & Brandon Cutler vs The Lucha Brothers & Laredo Kid

  • Rey Fenix and Nick Jackson start the match off with both immediately getting early 2 counts from back-and-forth roll-ups. Matt and Penta tag in, with Penta getting a 2-count from a crucifix roll-up before Matt locks in a sharpshooter. Penta escapes and tags in Laredo Kid whilst Matt tags in Cutler.
  • Kid easily outmanouevrs Cutler, throwing him to the outside before the bucks hit him with a head-trapped enziguri. Fenix manages to throw both the Bucks to the outside with a double arm drag before Penta hits a tope suicida.
  • Fenix teases a dive but Cutler stops him and hits a tope suicida of his own before Kid hits a Asai Moonsault to the outside. The Bucks manage to stun Kid long enough to hit a powerbomb/sliced bread combination for a near-fall before we cut to commerical.
  • We cut back to Kid and Cutler both going for hot tags with Kid tagging in Penta and Cutler tagging Nick. Lucha Brothers hit stereo superkicks before following up with an assisted splash for a 2-count.
  • The luchadors hit a triple consecutive dives but Matt breaks up the ensuing pinfall attempt. Nick and Fenix counter each others’ offences ending with Nick hitting a enziguri to take down Fenix. The Bucks hits an assisted senton to the outside on Penta.
  • Cutler and The Bucks hit an assisted three-way Indytaker before Matt and Nick take out Penta and Fenix on the outside. Kid hits a Spanish Fly on Cutler to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Omega takes out Laredo Kid and says he’s getting flashbacks to Fyter Fest 2019 and to 3 years ago where they all had a choice. Omega said they had a decision to make and he chose The Young Bucks, not AEW.
  • Omega mocks The Bucks for choosing Brandon Cutler over him but says he’s going to give them one more chance before telling them to give him the Two Sweet. He asks if they are with him or not and it’s now or never. The Young Bucks walk away and Omega says they are done.
  • Afterwards, the Lucha Brothers lay out Omega with a double superkick and go to leave before The Good Brothers come to help the AEW World Champion.

Winners: The Lucha Brothers & Laredo Kid via Pinfall in 12:25

Jade Cargill Calls Red Velvet

  • Jade says Velvet jaw jacking with her at ringside last week was the biggest mistake she’s ever made in her career. Jade says they’re both undefeated in singles action and one of them needs to fall. She challenges Velvet to a future match.

Kingston & Moxley Vow Revenge Against The Good Brothers

  • Kingston says his injury is nothing, he’s been injured before and he came back from them so he’ll come back from this. Kingston says they’re out for revenge and Moxley follows up by asking how far they’re willing to take this and they’re willing to get blood under their fingernails.

Tay Conti vs Nyla Rose

  • The Dark Order accompany Tay to the ring to show their support. Nyla overpowers Conti early on but Conti manages to counter into an armbreaker before taking down Nyla with various Judo throws. Rose eventually regains control by suplexing Conti onto the top rope.
  • She hits her diving leg drop to a top rope hung Conti for a near-fall before we cut to commercial. We cut back to Rose attempting a flip senton but Conti counters by getting her knees up. Conti hits several bicycle knee strikes and attempts the DD-Tay but Rose fights out.
  • Conti stuns Rose on the middle rope and hits a middle rope bicycle knee but Rose kicks out again. Nyla takes Conti down with a lariat for a 2-count before attempting the Beat Bomb which Conti rolls out of. Conti hits the DD-Tay to pick up a shock win.
  • Rose attacks Conti after the match and attempts to hit the Beast Bomb. Hikaru Shida makes the save but The Buny comes out and take down Shida and Conti with a kendo stick whilst Matt Hardy, The Butcher & The Blade appear on the ramp.
  • Matt gets on the mic and says The Bunny has been overlooked for too long before the group staredown Conti & Shida.

Winner: Tay Conti via Pinfall in 9:25

Darby Allin vs John Silver for the TNT Championship

  • Neither man gain the advantage early on after locking up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up but Silver eventually gains control by overpowering the TNT Champion with a series of throws. Silver hits a brainbuster for a near-fall before we cut to commercial.
  • We cut back to Darby throwing Silver over the barricade onto the concrete floor as 10 and Reynolds go to help him. Darby attempts to his a tope suicida on Silver but 10 takes pushes him out the way. Sting comes out to make sure Dark Order stay out of the ring.
  • In the ring, Darby attempts the Stunner but Silver counters into the Queenslayer (Anna Jay’s submission). Darby counters into a roll-up, causing Silver to abandon the hold, before Silver hits a tornado DDT for another near-fall.
  • Silver hits several stiff kicks to Darby’s chest but Darby absorbs them before hitting some hard strikes on SIlver in the corner. Silver attempts to hit a superplex from the top but Darby knocks him off before taking out all of Dark Order at ringside with a Coffin Drop.
  • Darby goes for the Coffin Drop on Silver but Silver stuns him with a kick before hitting a top rope reverse F-5 but Darby’s leg touches the rope to break the cover. Silver tries for a powerbomb but Darby counters into Code Red to retain.
  • Stin brings Silver to his feet after the match and he and Darby fistbump. Matt Hardy takes out Silver, causing Dark Order and the Matt Hardy Office to begin brawl. Darby hits a tope suicida on Matt to close the show.

Winner: Darby Allin via Pinfall, retaining the TNT Championship in 13:45