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AEW Dynamite Results – March 10th 2021

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 76th episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida to present the show’s first edition since Revolution!

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The results from this week’s show were as follows:

  • Rey Fenix defeated Matt Jackson via Pinfall (14:34)
  • Cody Rhodes defeated Seth Gargis via Submission (0:49)
  • Ethan Page defeated Lee Johnson via Pinfall (8:34)
  • Hikaru Shida, Ryo Mizunami & Thunder Rosa defeated Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Nyla Rose & Maki Itoh via Pinfall (7:40)
  • Darby Allin defeated Scorpio Sky via Pinfall, retaining the TNT Championship (13:40)

Matt Jackson vs Rey Fenix

  • SCU are seen watching on from the bleachers. Fenix dodges most of Matt’s offence early on to gain the advantage, all the while hitting various high-flying manoeuvres. Matt eventually counters a top rope hurricanrana into a powerbomb for a 2-count.
  • Matt hits a flipping facebuster for a 1-count before following up by locking in the Sharpshooter but Rey escapes via rope break. Fenix regains control with springboard missile dropkick but his back gives out on him when he attempts to get Matt up into a Fireman’s Carry.
  • Fenix hits a rolling cutter followed up by a backpack driver for a 2-count. Fenix tries for a tightrope penalty kick but Matt dodges and hits a springboard Destroyer. Fenix rolls out but Matt hits a second on the outside. Fenix just barely gets back in the ring for nine.
  • Matt hits a diving elbow drop but only gets a near-fall. Matt locks in the Sharpshooter again and Fenix escapes via rope break again. Matt attempts to lock it in a third time but Fenix escapes and attempts a dropkick but Matt dodges, hitting Nick Jackson instead.
  • Matt hits PAC with a Superkick in retaliation. The two get into a slugfest ending with Matt hitting a superkick but Fenix hitting an enziguri on the way down. Fenix hits a Samoan Driver to pick up the win!

Winner: Rey Fenix via Pinfall in 14:34

Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley Address The Revolution Finale

  • Kingston says the panic of the explosion gave him flashbacks to the panic he felt when he was in court, hence why he passed out. Moxley jokingly says that IMPACT paid for the bomb which is why it failed but says that whilst he lost, the match gave him back a drinking buddy.

Cody Rhodes vs Seth Gargis, Penta Taunts Cody

  • Cody knocks Gargis down early with a forearm strike before hitting an Oklahoma slam. He locks in the Figure Four and Gargis taps out for a quick win.
  • After the match, Schiavone asks Cody about his injured shoulder but Penta interrupts. Penta says he’s 1000x better than him and that he’s the ‘Lord of Lucha Libre’ through Alex Abrahantes as a translator.
  • He starts speaking English and reminds Cody he lost on Sunday and tells Abrahantes to say that he’s lucky he didn’t get to hurt his arm more because he wouldn’t have been able to pick up his newborn. Cody files off the handle and has to be separated from brawling with Penta.

Winner: Cody Rhodes via Submission in 0:49

Best Friends Demand A Rematch

  • Chuck recalls everything Miro & Sabian have done to them and say they want one more match on the condition that he’ll become Miro’s butler forever if he loses. They add the stipulation that arcade machines will surround the ring so they can “put their heads through every single one of them.”

Lance Archer Interrupts Sting

  • Tony praises Sting’s in-ring return on Sunday. Sting says that Darby is a dangerous man and that combined with The Stinger equals a win. Lance Archer and Jake ‘The Snake’ interrupt and says if his time keeps getting wasted, he’s going to take much more than time whilst looking threateningly at Sting.

Ethan Page vs Lee Johnson

  • Before the match, Dasha asks QT what happened during the Casino Tag Team Battle Royale. QT says his emotions got the better of him but he’s focusing on Lee’s match with Ethan Page and how he’ll get a big win by beating Page in his first AEW singles match.
  • Lee dodges Page’s offence early on before hitting a standing dropkick to gain control before hitting a dive to the outside as we cut to commercial. We cut back to Page in control in the ring, but Johnson quickly gains the advantage through dodging Page’s offence.
  • Both men head to the top rope but Page slams Johnson off it followed up by a springboard cutter for a near-fall. Johnson hurts his knee after a dive and Ethan hits a big boot whilst Remsberg was checking on him. Page hits The Ego’s Edge to pick up the win.
  • Page attacks Johnson after winning and QT doesn’t come in to help despite managing from ringside. Dustin eventually makes the save but QT walks out of the arena.

Winner: Ethan Page via Pinfall in 8:34

Hangman Page Goes To Get Ice Cream With The Dark Order On A Giant Lawnmower (yes this actually happened)

  • Alex Marvez interviews Hangman about what he spent Matt Hardy’s money on, including a giant lawnmower he’s driving. The Dark Order hop on and they all drive away to get ice cream whilst Alan Angels is left behind.

Don Callis Addresses The Revolution Finale, Christian Cage Confronts Kenny Omega

  • Tony hypes up talking to Christian Cage but Kenny Omega interrupts with his grand entrance alongside Don Callis and The Good Brothers. Callis says they’re not going to get to hear from Cage because they call the shots and they’re taking this segment for themselves.
  • Callis says that everything went according to plan and Omega jokingly referencing the failed explosion. Callis says they’ve taken a lot of heat from fans and the company and says they’re happy that they took away what the fans wanted.
  • Callis says they won regardless of whether or not the ring exploded or not. Omega says that Kingston coming out to try and save Moxley was the cherry on top of their plan before Kingston makes his way to the ring.
  • Callis says he knows Kingston through IMPACT and he had to fire him because Kingston screwed up grabbing the brass ring. Callis gives Kingston 10 seconds to leave before they beat him up but Moxley comes out to even the odds. Omega is the only one left in the ring.
  • Christian Cage makes his way to the ring and confronts Omega. The two come face-to-face and Omega offers a handshake but Christian rejects it. Omega tries to get a cheapshot in but Christian reverses into a Killswitch attempt which Omega escapes.
  • Christian holds the AEW title in the ring to close out the segment.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Nyla Rose & Maki Itoh vs Hikaru Shida, Thunder Rosa & Ryo Mizunami

  • A brawl breaks out during Maki’s entrance but Maki continues her song despite the chaos in front of her. The match eventually gets underway with the heels isolating Thunder Rosa from Ryo & Shida in their corner. Maki tags in and hits the Kokeshi for a near-fall before we cut to commercial.
  • We cut back to Hikaru Shida tagging in as all three of the faces hit corner moves on Britt Baker in the corner. Shida suplexes Mizunami into Britt for a near-fall. Itoh hits a headbutt on Shida, causing a chain of moves which ends with Rosa and Baker in the ring.
  • Rosa throws Baker to the outside and hits a spinning top rope dive to the outside before dragging Maki back into the ring, but Rosa is distracted by Vickie Guerrero. Maki hits a swinging tornado DDT for a 2-count and Reba attempts to hits Rosa with a crutch but Rosa throws her off the apron.
  • Rosa his the Fire and Thunder Driver on Itoh to pick up the win but Baker attacks her after the match using the crutch. Britt locks in the Lockjaw whilst Reba grinds the crutch against Rosa’s head.
  • After the match, Matt says he’s been reflecting in and he needs to bring more money in. He says Page stole from him and that he’s signed a new unit – The Butcher, The Blade & The Bunny. He says Private Party, Butcher & Blade will compete together on Dark: Elevation before they turn their attention to Dark Order.

Winners: Thunder Rosa, Hikaru Shida & Ryo Mizunami via Pinfall in 7:40

Scorpio Sky vs Darby Allin – TNT Championship Match

  • Both men fistbump as the match starts. Darby gets an few early 2-counts from various roll-ups after some mat-based amateur wrestling. Darby twists his ankle after falling awkwardly from a counter and Sky takes control, striking Darby in the corner.
  • Sky works over Darby’s back with a backbreaker before we cut to commercial. We cut back to Sky having locked in an abdominal stretch but Darby escapes and gets a near-fall from a sit-down cover. Sky hits a stiff right hook but Darby hits the stunner for another near-fall.
  • Darby gets yet another near-fall from a Code Red. Sky hits a big boot and throws Darby into the turnbuckle with a german suplex. Darby throws Sky to the outside and attempts a tope suicida but Sky counters into a cutter before throwing Darby back into the ring.
  • Darby tries for the Coffin Drop after knocking Sky off the top turnbuckle but Sky counters into a powerbomb for a near-fall. Sky tries for the TKO but Darby counters into a roll-up for the three count. After the match, Sky locks in a heel hook on Darby to try and break his injured ankle.

Winner: Darby Allin via Pinfall in 13:40

The Inner Circle Host A War Council, MJF Debuts A New Faction

  • Chris Jericho says it’s time to shake things up in the Inner Circle and suggests they induct a new member. MJF suggests that they instead let a member go before Sammy Guevara makes his return!
  • Guevara says he knows he’s the last person Jericho wants him to see but wants to show him something. Jericho says he’s dead to him but Guevara demands he listens to him and shows a video on the titantron of MJF suggesting Jericho should be taken out of The Inner Circle and the rest of the group agreeing.
  • MJF tells the rest of the group to get him but Santana, Ortiz & Hager turn their back on him. Jericho says that he’s that one that brought him into The Inner Circle so he’ll be the one to take him out: Jericho fires him from the group.
  • Jericho says they’re going to give him a ‘little Inner Circle beatdown’ but MJF says he didn’t want to take over the group because he was too busy building his own. The lights go out and FTR, Tully Blanchard and Shawn Spears appear. The newcomers handcuff everyone in Inner Circle apart from Jericho.
  • Wardlow hits a falling knee strike on Jericho and MJF delivers a punch with the Dynamite Diamond Ring, which busts open Jericho’s head. Tully Blanchard hands MJF Jericho’s bat which he uses to strike Jericho in the head.
  • The group carry Jericho up to the entranceway before Wardlow powerbombs Jericho off the stage through a table to close the show.