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AEW Dynamite Results – January 27th 2021

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 70th episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida with a week to go till Beach Break!

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Matches and segments announced for the show include:

  • Cody Rhodes responds to Shaq
  • Sting & Darby Allin will discuss their Street Fight against Team Taz at AEW Revolution
  • Jon Moxley will discuss his upcoming six-man tag match at AEW Revolution
  • Eddie Kingston vs Lance Archer
  • Hangman Page vs Ryan Nemeth
  • Britt Baker vs Shanna
  • Jungle Boy vs Dax Harwood Cash Wheeler & Tully Blanchard will be handcuffed to Luchasaurus
  • The Young Bucks & The Good Brothers vs The Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, John Silver & Alex Reynolds)
  • The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & MJF) vs Varsity Blonds

Eddie Kingston defeats Lance Archer via Pinfall in 8:50

  • Before the match, Archer sends Jake Roberts to the back. Kingston tries to beatdown Archer before the bell but Archer simply shrugs it off before returning some heavy offence of his own. Kingston eventually dodges and regains control – biting Archer, poking him in the eye and focusing on his leg to do so.
  • The two exchange control with Archer overpowering his smaller opponent whilst Kingston uses various dirty tactics. Archer takes Kingston to the outside with a rough chokeslam over the top rope before Kingston eventually retreats back into the ring.
  • Archer starts playing around with Kingston, releasing a pin attempt after a middle rope spinning splash at 1. This allows Kingston to regain control after dropkicking Archer’s knee out from under him and hitting a clothesline for a 2-count.
  • Archer attempts the Blackout but Kingston escapes. Archer hits a ripcord chokeslam before following up with a moonsault press but still doesn’t go for a pin. Archer locks in an iron claw but Butcher & Blade appear on the ramp with an incapacitated Jake Roberts.
  • Archer is distracted, allowing Allie to sneakily hand Kingston some disguised brass knuckles, which Kingston used to deliver a spinning backfist to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Butcher & Blade hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combination on Archer before Kingston hits a second backfist with the brass knuckles.

Analysis: A good opener that didn’t outstay its welcome. I’m very happy Kingston got the win here to pick up his first major victory in AEW after losing to both PAC and Moxley in his only big feuds so far. Obviously, it wasn’t a clean win but even being able to defeat Archer that way will do wonders for Kingston in terms of being able to take him seriously now that he has that credibility (even if it is somewhat tainted).

Jon Moxley Tries To Make Sense Of ‘The Elite’, Addresses Beach Break 6-Man Tag

  • Moxley says all this crossover between Omega, The Bucks and The Good Brothers is confusing before saying he’s a simple guy. He likes his beer cold, his coffee warm etc and in a world where you only have to rely on yourself, he knows he can trust his own hands.
  • Moxley tells PAC and Fenix to saddle up for gang warfare because he doesn’t know what’s going to happen at Beach Break but there’ll be “incendiary ingredients'” on Dynamite.

Analysis: Moxley cuts yet another great wildly unpredictable promo but my issue is I don’t feel like it contributed anything different to the story. We had a very similar promo last week where Moxley said he got confused about the whole Elite situation so what is this doing any differently?

Darby Allin & Sting address their AEW Revolution Street Fight

  • Sting calls out Team Taz for labelling both himself and Darby as hoodlums but admits Darby is in fact a hoodlum. Darby says it doesn’t matter of you play clean or dirty in the streets, it’s all about the outcome before throwing his skateboard out a glass window.
  • Sting follows up by attacking the window with his baseball bat before also admitting he’s a hoodlum and it’ll be showtime come Revolution.

Analysis: FINALLY. Something different from Sting – It’s not much, but a good start. I was getting real sick of the same template we’ve been getting the last few weeks of Sting constantly saving Darby from Team Taz by just starting them down, so I’m very happy we’re getting to see a bit of character from The Icon. Hopefully he gets a good showing in the Street Fight next week so he can hit the ground running coming out of this feud.

Chris Jericho & MJF defeat Varsity Blonds via Pinfall in 8:10

  • MJF gets on the mic and says he embarrassed Garrison the last time he saw him and tells him to just quit now. Garrison responds by beating down MJF who escapes to the outside. Garrison eventually catches MJF with a big boot in the ring before MJF attempts to grab a steel chair, which the rest of Inner Circle take from him.
  • MJF tags in Jericho and Garrison tags Pillman, who hits a leg drop on Jericho for an early 1-count. Pillman builds momentum but MJF catches him off-guard by kicking him from the apron, allowing himself and Jericho to take control.
  • The two tag back in and out, working over Pillman in their corner and mocking him by stepping over him as he lies prone. MJF continues to taunt Garrison but the referee manages to keep him on the apron. Jericho tags in and attempts a superplex but Pillman counters before hitting a diving splash for a 2-count.
  • Pillman manages to tag out to Garrison as Jericho tags in MJF. Garrison overpowers both his Inner Circle opponents and gets a near-fall on MJF before Pillman and Jericho tag back in. Pillman hits a superkick on Jericho which gets a very close pinfall before attempting a springboard.
  • Pillman attempts a springboard but Jericho hits a Judas Effect in midair before following up with a Lionsault to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Guevara and Jericho get in each others’ faces as the Inner Circle celebrate with their collective middle finger pose.

Analysis: A fun match that featured a great showing from Griff Garrison! MJF & Jericho are phenomenal at making their opponents look like stars individually and that talent definitely extends to their newfound alliance as a tag team as well. I hope AEW end up signing Pillman & Garrison as the two have been great in their regular Dynamite appearances the last few weeks and the singles potential the two have – Pillman in particular – is limitless.

Cody Rhodes Responds To Shaquille O’Neil

  • We see a recap of Shaq calling out Cody Rhodes on the AEW Awards alongside his segment with Jade Cargill in the Waiting Room two weeks ago.
  • Schiavone asks Cody to respond to what Jade said on The Waiting Room. Cody says he’d rather just give you the pitch: Himself & Brandi vs Shaq & Jade at AEW Revolution but Brandi can’t compete as she’s pregnant. Cody says Arn has been chewing him out lately for taking people too lightly, like Avalon last week.
  • Cody gives Arn the floor who reminds Cody he’s about to be a dad and recalls Dusty having a 30 minutes match with Tully before flying right to Cody’s birth. Arn says facing Shaq is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and brings out Red Velvet to show Cody the fire he needs to deal with Shaq.
  • Red Velvet says she’s tired of being attacked and disrespected by Jade. Velvet says Cody won’t lay a hand on Jade but she will and that she’ll lay Jade’s “bitch ass out”. Commentary hint that it’ll be a tag match between Cody & Red Velvet vs Jade & Shaq.

Analysis: It’s clear AEW are making the best of a bad situation, with Brandi no longer able to compete due to her pregnancy, but at the same time the air has really been taken out of this feud. On top of the build dragging significantly – having started all the way back in September – the inevitable intergender tag match at Revolution can’t come quick enough. There are far more valuable things that both Cody and Cargill could be involved in.

Hangman Page defeats Ryan Nemeth via Pinfall in 5:40, Matt Hardy Offers Support To Page

  • The two start off with collar-and-elbow tie-ups which ends with Page delivering a big boot to Nemeth. Nemeth taunts the crowd and Page, with the latter responding with a beatdown in the corner before hitting a springboard clothesline onto the apron before a full-on springboard splash to the outside.
  • Page goes for a clothesline into the corner but Nemeth dodges before hitting a dropkick for a 1-count. Matt Hardy makes his way to ringside as Nemeth hits a neckbreaker for a 2-count.
  • Page eventually regains control with a series of clotheslines and a spinebuster. Matt cheers Page on from ringside as Nemeth hits a spike DDT for a near-fall. Nemeth tries for a german suplex but Page dives out of it before responding with a clothesline followed up by the Buckshot Lariat to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Page invites Matt into the ring as Schiavone joins them. Matt says he came out to be in his corner and support him as he;s been concerned as Page seems lost and conflicted. Hardy says The Bucks & Omega dumped him and he didn’t deserve that and that he’s seen him dressing in a small room near catering.
  • He says Page is a good person who deserves to be happy and that he’s more than welcome to dress in Hardy’s dressing room with no strings attached. Page does not respond.

Analysis: It seems like AEW are going the direction of Hangman rejecting multiple groups due to his fear of getting too close after Omega & The Elite. I’m a little disappointed this won’t be a Dark Order-exclusive story with Page as their interactions, especially last week, were golden together but the storyline outcome’ll be benefitted by Page rejecting multiple people rather than just Dark Order.

Jungle Boy defeats Dax Harwood via Submission

  • We see a promo video from Jungle Boy and Dax hyping up the match being one-on-one alongside a recap of the two teams’ confrontation last week. Before the match, Tully & Cash are handcuffed to Luchasaurus as per the match’s stipulation.
  • Dax starts off in control, delivering a shoulder tackle to Jungle Boy from their first collar-and-elbow tie up before Jungle Boy begins building momentum. We see Tully & Cash attempting to get to the ring but Luchasaurus pulls them back.
  • Harwood delivers a gut kick to Jungle Boy to take him down before delivering a chop in the corner, which Jungle Boy delivers in kind along with several others. Harwood continues to use the shoulder tackle to take Jungle Boy down and eventually tries to use it one time too many, banging shoulder first into the ring post.
  • Jungle Boy locks in a standing armbar but Dax escapes before hitting a stiff uppercut. The two fight back and forth before Dax hits a shoulder tackle to Jungle Boy on the outside as we got to a picture-in-picture break. Harwood rolls Jungle Boy back into the ring and follows up with a northern lights suplex for a near-fall.
  • Fax continues working over Jungle Boy, locking in a headlock which Jungle Boy fights out of. Dax immediately regains control though, hitting a side suplex before attempting two pinfalls, each of which get a 2-count.
  • Dax locks the headlock back in but Jungle Boy escapes with a jawbreaker before hitting a series of back elbows and forearms to take Harwood down. Jungle Boy goes to the top but Harwood follows him and hits a back superplex for a 2-count, with Harwood seemingly hurting his arm in the process.
  • Harwood kicks Jungle Boy in the face but Jungle Boy shrugs it off and the two get into a slugfest. The two continually counter each other before Harwood gets the better of the exchange with a lariat. Harwood attempts a dragon suplex but Jungle Boy fights out and starts building momentum.
  • Harwood manages to hit a snap DDT for a 2-count before taking Jungle Boy to the top rope. Jungle Boy knocks Dax off before hitting a splash, which Harwood counters into a roll-up with the tights held for a near-fall.
  • The two exchange pin attempts back and forth which Jungle Boy eventually transitions into the Mushroom Lock to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Tully throws powder into Luchasaurus’s face to stun him before taking down Jungle Boy and hitting Luchasaurus with a triple . FTR cut off the horns of Luchasaurus’ mask and goes to cut Jungle Boy’s hair before SCU, Top Flight and Marko Stunt make the save.

Analysis: A BRILLIANT match that had no right being as great as it was! Dax and Jungle Boy went all out and really gave this feud a much-needed adrenaline boost going forward, assumably as it heads to its conclusion at Revolution. Jungle Boy looked like an absolute star and with the return of his independent theme on top of his pyro, he could very easily be moulded into the company’s next big singles star.

Britt Baker defeats Shanna via Submission in 8:45

  • Baker attempts to use her aggressive style to take control early on but Shanna outmanoeuvres her opponent. Baker eventually takes control thanks to a distraction from Reba on the outside, allowing Baker to hit a sling blade on the outside.
  • Baker focuses on Shanna’s arm using the ringpost before bringing it back inside the ring. Shanna manages to get a roll-up for a 2-count before Baker takes her down again with a hair whip. Baker continues to beat down Shanna as we cut to commercial (FITE randomly cut to break during the picture-in-picture).
  • We cut back to Shanna building momentum via a trifecta of clotheslines, getting a near-fall in a pinfall attempt afterwards. Baker retaliates with a snap spinning neckbreaker for a 2-count before requesting a latex glove from Reba.
  • Baker tries for the Lockjaw but Shanna counters into a roll-up for a 2-count. Shanna hits a leaping stunner before attempting the Tiger Suplex but Baker counters and locks in the Lockjaw to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Baker hits a curb stomp before locking in the Lockjaw again. Thunder Rosa comes out to make the save, chasing off Baker and Reba.

The Good Brothers & The Young Bucks defeat The Dark Order via Pinfall

  • Backstage, the Good Brothers say they’re out to beat up Jon Moxley and ask if the Bucks want to join. The Bucks say maybe, but they don’t want ‘old uncle Callis’ to join. At that moment Kenny Omega and Don Callis interrupt and a fight between the Bucks and Callis breaks out, before the Young Bucks music hits.
  • Evil Uno and Karl Anderson start off, with Uno starting off aggressive. Uno gets a 2-count from a roll-up before tagging in John Silver. Silver calls out Gallows who mocks Silver’s height, who responds with some heavy strikes. Anderson distracts Silver, making it look like Nick did it.
  • Matt and Reynolds tag in and exchange fast-paced offence before the four knock the remaining Dark Order members off the apron and focus on Reynolds. The four two sweet before retreating to the apron again.
  • Stu Grayson tags in and clears house, taking Anderson down with a uranage before hitting a frog splash for a 2-count. Evil Uno make the tag but the referee doesn’t see it, allowing the former Bullet Club collective to maintain control over the Dark Order member.
  • Grayson eventually creates an opening after hitting a Pele Kick on Nick, allowing John Silver to get the hot tag. Silver takes down all four members of the opposing team before hitting a several stiff kick and a falcon arrow on Nick for a near-fall.
  • Evil Uno tags in, hitting a neckbreaker followed up by a senton but Nick dodges. Matt tags in and hits a double northern lights suplex on Uno & Grayson before taking down Silver & Reynolds with a double jumping clothesline.
  • Nick tags back in and takes down Dark Order with a diving corkscrew dive before hitting a threeway powerbomb along with Gallows and Anderson. The Bucks & Good Brothers hit a four-way superkick on Grayson but Evil Uno makes the save, getting a Magic Killer for his troubles.
  • The Young Bucks hit a Meltzer Driver on Stu Grayson to pick up the win. After the match, Matt Jackson explains that if The Young Bucks win the tag team titles #1 contenders match at Beach Break, they can pick their opponents before teasing a match with the Good Brothers.
  • Rey Fenix then runs out to take down both the Young Bucks before being swarmed by Gallows & Anderson. The Good Brothers attempt the Magic Killer but Fenix fights out before Moxley also appears. Kenny Omega tries to hit a sneak attack on Moxley but Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift to close the show.