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AEW Dynamite Results – January 20th 2021

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Keep up with all of tonight’s AEW Dynamite results as the show’s 69th episode emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida with two weeks to go till Beach Break!

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The results from this week’s Dynamite were as follows:

  • Hangman Page & The Dark Order defeated The Hybrid2 & Chaos Project via Pinfall in 8:44
  • Cody Rhodes defeated Peter Avalon via Submission in 10:01
  • Jon Moxley defeated Nick Comorato via Submission in 4:46
  • Matt Hardy & Private Party defeated Matt Sydal & Top Flight via Pinfall in 11:59
  • Penelope Ford defeated Leyla Hirsch via Pinfall in 8:34
  • Chris Jericho & MJF defeated Proud N’ Powerful andSammy Guevara & Jake Hager via Pinfall to become the official tag team of The Inner Circle in 12:27

Adam Page & The Dark Order defeat The Hybrid2 & Chaos Project via Pinfall in 8:44

  • We see a recap of -1 calling Luther’s face stupid on Dark a few weeks ago which set up this match. The Dark Order bring out a cake sing Happy Birthday to -1 before Chaos Project interrupt and Luther calls -1 a doofus. A brawl breaks out and Hanman Page makes his entrance by diving onto the brawling group.
  • Early on, TH2 & Chaos Project work over Silver by keeping him in their corner and continually tagging in and out. Silver eventually regains control by dropping Serpentico onto the top turnbuckle before tagging in Hangman Page.
  • Page takes down all of the opposing team before hitting a belly-to-back overhead suplex on Serpentico and going for a pin, which TH2 break up. The Dark Order throw the rest of the opposing team to the outside and Silver and Reynolds take them down with a series of dives.
  • Page, Reynolds & Silver hit a triple senton on Serpentico for a near-fall. Serpentico regains control with a superkick into a DDT before Angelico hits a springboard 450. Serpentico attempts a cover but Reynolds breaks it up.
  • Luther takes Cabana to the outside and looks to powerbomb him through the cake but -1 hits him with a kendo stick before Cabana flapjacks Luther face-first into the cake.
  • Silver and Reynolds hit a series of tag team offence on Serpentico before Page hits a Buckshot Lariat/German Suplex combination with Silver before Reynolds gets the 3-count with a float-over cradle.
  • After the match, -1 hits Serpentico in the head with the kendo stick before berating the Dark Order because his birthday was actually three days ago. He grabs some papers and throws them at Serpentico before leaving with “7”.
  • Silver praises Page’s performance before asking if he’ll join The Dark Order. Page declines but Dark Order already had a celebration prepped including dancers, music and a special titantron which they call off. Page says he’s “done the group thing before” and it didn’t end well for him. He apologises before leaving.

Analysis: A really fun opening match. The Dark Order seem to have found their footing as a semi-comedic group who can get it done in the ring when need be. The post-match segments had me legitimately laughing out loud with -1 attacking Serpentico and Dark Order’s preemptive celebration. Page not joining the group is the right choice and the logic behind it is sound, though I honestly hope Dark Order end up being the catalyst to bring Page out of the rut he’s been in since losing to Omega at Full Gear.

Marvez Interviews MJF & Jericho, Sting confronts Darby Allin & Team Taz Interrupts

  • Alex Marvez attempts to interview MJF and Chris Jericho but MJF interrupts to insult his bad breath. MJF says he doesn’t want tonight’s three-way to create dissension within the Inner Circle but Jericho says the match will instead make the faction stronger than ever before the two claim they’ll come out on top and be the next AEW World Tag Team Champions.
  • Tony Schiavone introduces Sting and Darby before giving Sting the floor. Sting says there’s something in Allin that reminds him of himself and congratulates him for being TNT champion before Taz interrupts on the titantron.
  • Taz complains about Sting hitting Starks with his baseball bat and that the two “fight street style”. Taz lays down a challenge to the two where Team Taz will supposedly “take it to the streets.” Allin accepts but warns the group to be careful what they wished for because they just might get it.

Analysis: I’ve not been huge on Sting in the weeks following his debut and this segment didn’t do much to change that. I’m glad we finally seem to be moving towards a resolution between this Darby/Sting vs Team Taz feud but this was yet another segment where Sting didn’t really say much, though that does come with the advantage of putting more of the spotlight on Darby. I’d like to see a little more from Sting even if it’s just a backstage interview where we get to hear from him and his thoughts on Team Taz.

The Young Bucks Confront Don Callis

  • We see Alex Marvez catch up with The Young Bucks outside Kenny’s house, who are on their way to a meeting with Kenny Omega and The Bucks allow him and the camera to come with them. Michael Nakazawa greets the group at the door before leading them to an idealistic oil painting of Kenny and Don who are shirtless and buff.
  • Don appears and says he had the painting commissioned for Kenny’s birthday before The Bucks confront him about being replaced by The Good Brothers last week. Don blames it on the production team and apologises before also admitting Kenny is not able to make it as he’s busy.
  • Callis says he wants to discuss something with Matt and Nick before getting Nakazawa to escort Marvez and the camera operator to “the dungeon”, leaving the camera running on the floor. Don writes The Bucks a check for their “investment in Kenny’s friendship” but the three get into an argument.
  • Callis says The Bucks are holding Omega back before the two rip up the checks because they know the checks are no good anyway as they used to work for IMPACT. Callis calls the two bloodsuckers before backing into the camera and screaming.

Analysis: I’m glad they’re taking the approach of Don being Kenny’s representative and making Omega’s appearances almost a special occasion. The Bucks have been transitioning more and more back into their aggressive side they had before becoming champions, a move that I think will give them back that edge they need to really be engaging. It’s not entirely clear where this is quite headed but I have an early prediction of a 6-man between Omega and The Good Brothers vs The Young Bucks and Hangman Page at Revolution, which could be phenomenal. Page could get out of his rut by realigning with The Bucks against his former tag partner whilst all three get their revenge over the new Elite.

Cody Rhodes defeats Peter Avalon via Submission in 10:01

  • Cody hits a Cross Rhodes immediately but fails to make the cover as Jade Cargill appears on the entranceway. Avalon takes advantage of the distraction by hitting a low blow of Rhodes and focusing on Cody’s knee with several stomps.
  • The two exchange control back and forth with Cody threatening to hit Avalon in the face whilst Avalon hits a superplex. The two take each other down with dual clotheslines but Avalon continues to focus on Cody’s hurt knee with strikes and a single leg boston crab.
  • Cody gets a near-fall from a sunset flip roll-up and opens a window of opportunity for himself after dodging a moonsault. Cody tries to lock in a submission but his knee gives out on him, allowing Avalon to throw him to the outside and hit a tope suicida.
  • Cody eventually hits the Cody Cutter before taking down Avalon with a series of forearm strikes and a powerslam.
  • Cody locks in a Figure Four Leglock and the two exchange the pressure. Cody threatens to slap Avalon in the face, causing Peter to immediately tap out.

Analysis: A decent match though honestly, I’d have rather seen a bit more progression in Cargill’s feud with Red Velvet as opposed to Cody. I don’t think Cody beating Avalon really doesn’t anything for him and the finish, whilst humorous, seemed out of place when it involved one of the company’s top contenders. Cargill’s lack of progression is almost in the same vein as the issue I have with Sting – I want to see more action from Cargill. I get they’re keeping her from getting physical till her first match but it’s becoming the same monotonous thing quite regularly with Cargill now.

Jungle Boy Challenges Dax Harwood, Jon Moxley defeats Nick Comorato via Submission in 4:46, Moxley Calls Out Everyone

  • Tully brags about FTR being #1 in the rankings and says their next goals is regaining the World Tag Team Championships before Jurassic Express interrupt. Jungle Boy says that he could beat either of FTR one-on-one and Dax says he’ll fight him. Luchasaurus says they’ll all be ringside but he’ll make sure no one interferes. Dax and Jungle Boy shake hands.
  • Moxley starts off aggressive with a headbutt before delivering several heavy strikes in the corner as JR explains Comorato volunteered himself to face Moxley. Moxley attempts a Crossbody but Comorato counters in a running powerslam.
  • Comorato maintains control by choking Moxley in the corner and multiple backbreakers and splashes. Moxley fights out by bending back his opponent’s fingers before biting his face. Moxley tries to mount a comeback but Comorato hits an ushigorishi for a near-fall.
  • Comarato goes for a tackle into the corner but Moxley dodges before hitting some very stiff kicks to the chest. Moxley tries for a suplex but his back gives out. He throws Comarato into the ropes before hitting a rebound german suplex on the bigger man.
  • Moxley hits a lariat but Comarto absorbs it before picking up Moxley who locks in a sleeper hold. Comarto falls and Moxley transitions into a rear naked choke to incapacitate his opponent for the win.
  • After the match, Moxley says he can’t keep a track of who’s in Bullet Club, The Elite and IMPACT anymore but he doesn’t care. He says this makes it more fun and interesting as there’s more bodies, more blood, more violence now. Moxley ends by saying all roads in wrestling lead to him.

Analysis: A good match that managed to relight Moxley’s fire whilst also giving Comarato a great showing. Moxley could’ve easily hit the Paradigm Shift and ended the match like Cody intended to but this back-and-forth, albeit short, match was much more interesting. I’m glad Moxley’s going back to his more wild and untamed roots of using offence like headbutts and biting. Just makes him seem all the more unpredictable and a deadly force for Omega and The Elite to contend with.

Eddie Kingston Confronts Lance Archer Backstage, Callis Reveals Facial Injuries, Matt Hardy & Private Party defeat Matt Sydal & Top Flight via Pinfall in 11:59

  • Dasha asks Kingston how he prepares for someone like Archer who he’s never faced before. Kingston dismisses the idea and says he doesn’t study, doesn’t plan or prepare… he simply fights. Archer interrupts and says that his phrase ‘everybody dies’ includes Kingston and Jake Roberts tells Eddie to face Archer without his lackeys.
  • Before the match, Callis tells Omega backstage that The Young Bucks were responsible for his facial injuries.
  • As Private Party make their entrance, Excalibur mentions their IMPACT appearance and how they’re now #1 contenders to the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships.
  • Dante Martin and Marq Quen start out with a handshake before exchanging a flurry of back-and-forth counters which Dante gets the better of. He tags in Darius who delivers a dropkick to Isiah Kassidy before both of Top Flight take down Matt Hardy with a double dropkick.
  • Dante tags in Matt Sydal who hits a spinning heel kick on Quen before Darius follows up with a botched springboard moonsault and attempts the cover, but he’s not the legal man. Sydal hits a standing moonsault for a 2-count. Hardy fires up Quen who throws his jacket in Sydal’s face followed up by a beatdown.
  • Kassidy tags in and takes down Top Flight off the apron before attempting a combination move with Quen. Top Flight and Sydal counter with stereo boston crab submissions, however. The referee sends all the non-legal participants to the outside to regain order in the match.
  • Kassidy continues to aggressively stomp Sydal before tagging Quen back in, who exchanges chops with Sydal in the corner before beating him down. Hardy tags in and locks in a sleeper hold on Sydal who eventually escapes before Quen tags in, keeping Sydal down in his team’s corner.
  • Sydal eventually creates an opening by rolling out of a double suplex followed up by an elbow strike to Hardy on the apron and a double hurricanrana to Private Party. Sydal tags in Darius who takes down all the opposing team single-handedly.
  • Darius hits a tope suicida to Hardy on the outside before countering Private Party’s Silly String and an assisted elevated senton on Kassidy. He gets a near-fall from a European Clutch before attempting a combination move with his brother, which Kassidy counters – causing the two to butt heads.
  • Hardy tags in and hits the Side Effect on Darius and Dante. Sydal attempts to hit Hardy from the top rope but Hardy catches him and hits a third Side Effect and goes for a cover on all three members of the opposing team, who kick out at 2.
  • Quen tags in and hits a spinning tornado kick for a near-fall and Sydal retaliates with a roundhouse kick before tagging in Dante. Both of Top Flight takedown Kassidy and Hardy to the outside before hitting a triple combination move ending in Dante hitting a front flip hurricanrana. Hardy and Kassidy just barely break up the ensuing pinfall attempt.
  • Top Flight take Quen to the top rope but Hardy pushes Darius to the floor. Hardy distracts the referee whilst Kassidy hits Dante with a chair shot, allowing Quen to hit a Shooting Star Press for the win.
  • Private Party cement their heel turn by attacking Sydal and Top Flight after the match, ending with back-to-back Twist of Fates from Hardy.

Analysis: A good match that was marred with some unfortunate botches on both sides, which took me out of the match somewhat. At one point, Kassidy missed an assisted senton and springboard moonsault back-to-back, almost landing on his neck and causing JR to cry out ‘What’s even the point?’. The actual turn of Private Party throughout the match was done very well, with the two realising they’d have to turn to Matt’s ways to pick up the win, but the action aside from that was disappointing at times. I like Private Party and Top Flight’s fast-paced high-flying style, but even I thought some of the offence they were attempting to pull off in this was too much, especially for a normal episode of Dynamite.

Penelope Ford defeats Leyla Hirsch via Pinfall in 8:34

  • Backstage, MJF and Wardlow talk to Proud N’ Powerful as well as Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager. MJF says he gets the hostility but this is what Jericho wanted before Guevara gets in his face.
  • MJF says he respects Guevara because he’s not afraid to let his thoughts be known but says he wants what’s best for The Inner Circle. He fistbumps Hager and Proud N’ Powerful but Guevara refuses, saying they’re “not there yet.”
  • Ford is accompanied to the ring by Sabian, Miro and Miro’s butler – the renamed Charles Taylor as we also see Orange Cassidy sitting in the crowd.
  • Ford and Hirsch lock up and Ford gets the better of it, taking Hirsch to the ropes with a headlock before Leyla’s leg out from under her. Ford shoulder tackles Hirsch but she kips up from it before being tripped by Taylor.
  • Hirsch still manages to lock in a cross armbreaker which Ford breaks up via rope break. Hirsch squares up to Sabian on the outside which allows Ford to hit her with a pump kick before throwing her into the barricade. Ford throws Hirsch back into the ring and hits a fisherman’s suplex.
  • Ford whips Hirsch into the corner and attempts her handspring elbow strike but Ford gets her knees up before attempting a double knee strike which Ford dodges. Ford takes her opponent down with a big boot before hitting a double knee drop on the apron.
  • Ford chokes Hirsch on the middle rope whilst stealing a quick kiss from Sabian before whipping Leyla throat-first into the top rope. Ford locks in a sleeper rest hold before transitioning into a Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster for a near-fall. Ford hits a series of strikes but Hirsch shrugs them off and gets into a striking exchange with Ford.
  • Ford tries for a spinning heel kick but Hirsch catches her leg before throwing her out into a split and hitting a running knee strike. Hrisch hits a deadlift german suplex followed up by a double knee strike in the corner and a rope-assisted double foot stomp for a near-fall.
  • Hirsch attempts to go the top but Ford sweeps her leg out and attempts a handspring axe kick which Hirsch dodges. Hirsch hits a clothesline before hitting a springboard swanton on Sabian and Taylor.
  • The distraction allows Ford to take Hirsch down with a big boot and Ford picks up the win with Sabian’s help, who keeps Hirsch’s foot down for the 3-count.
  • After the match, Miro tells Taylor to forget the past and demands he tells Orange Cassidy that Miro is his best friend now. Taylor does it against his will, seemingly breaking up Best Friends as Orange leaves dejectedly.

Analysis: A good match between Ford and Hirsch here, especially considering how it was changed last minute after Nyla Rose was forced to pull out. Hirsch was definitely the more impressive of the two here and between this and her Winter Is Coming match with Baker, I want to see more of her on Dynamite. The post-match segment confused me a little bit though: Surely Cassidy knows that Taylor only has to do what Miro says for the next two weeks, then afterwards they can be friends again? Why is acting all dejected as if this is a permanent move? This all just seemed a bit strange to me.

Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers Attack Penta El Zero M Backstage, Chris Jericho & MJF defeat Proud N’ Powerful and Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager via Pinfall to become the official tag team of The Inner Circle in 12:27

  • Backstage, we see Omega and The Good Brothers beating down Penta El Zero M as they’re directed by Don Callis. Anderson and Gallows choke Penta out with a cable as Omega drives the point of his boot into Penta’s eye.
  • As Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager make their entrance, we see a video from Sammy Hagar, who Jericho made a reference to last week, showing his support for the duo.
  • MJF and Guevara start off in the ring, jaw jacking with each other before MJF tags out to Jericho. Guevara and Jericho lock up but Jericho taunts Guevara with a slap which Guevara returns in kind with a forearm and several chops.
  • Sammy clotheslines Jericho to the outside and baits Jericho out with a feigned suicide dive. Jericho hits a series of chops before Guevara catches him off a dropkick, catapulting him into a a forearm strike from Hager before rolling up Jericho for a near-fall.
  • Hager and Santana tag in, with Santana outmanoeuvring Hager with his quickness before tagging in Oritz. The two hit a double back suplex and Ortiz goes for a cover, but Jericho made a blind tag to Hager earlier. Proud N’ Powerful hit back to back offence on Jericho, ending with an assisted moonsault for a 2-count.
  • Guevara tags in but Santana & Ortiz keep up the pressure with a Reverse DDT/Powerbomb combination for another near-fall. Proud N’ Powerful continue to work over Guevara, hitting several big moves but all of which only get a 2-count.
  • Santana lift Guevara into a standing suplex and Jericho tags himself in, taking Guevara from Santana before finally executing the suplex. Jericho beats down Guevara in the corner before hitting a suplex and doing a mocking pin attempt for a 1-count.
  • Jericho and Guevara tag out to MJF and Hager respectively, the latter of which takes down MJF with a clothesline before taking down both of Proud N’ Powerful off the apron. Hager dominates over MJF before tagging in Guevara who hits a springboard cutter on MJF.
  • Everyone hits their big moves as commentary announce the Beach Break main event as Omega & The Good Brothers vs Moxley, PAC and Fenix. Proud N’ Powerful hit stereo tope suicidas whilst Guevara takes down MJF with a Tope Con Giro.
  • Guevara goes to the top but Santana catches him. The three men brawl before MJF grabs Guevara into the electric chair but Guevara counters into a reverse frankensteiner. Guevara hits a Spanish Fly on Ortiz from the top for a near-fall.
  • Jericho rushes the ring and has his bat thrown to him, but Hager stares him down before delivering a big boot. Meanwhile, Wardlow hands MJF the Dynamite Diamond Ring but Hager catches MJF and delivers a closed fist strike.
  • Proud N’ Powerful takedown Hager with a double enziguri but not before Hager takes both men down with a double clothesline. Guevara hits a running Shooting Star Press but MJF breaks up the ensuing pinfall attempt.
  • Jericho tags himself in off Ortiz as MJF hits a powerbomb. Jericho follows up with the Lionsault for a close near-fall. Ortiz tags himself back in off Guevara and Proud N’ Powerful hit a double reverse suplex on Jericho for a near-fall of his own.
  • Jericho hits the Codebreaker to again get a 2-count before tagging in MJF. The two try to hit a combination move but Ortiz counters into a double DDT and Hager tags himself in. Hager hits the Hager Bomb and tags in Guevara, who follows up with a Swanton Bomb but Ortiz breaks up Guevara’s pinfall attempt.
  • Guevara hits the GTH on Jericho before attempting a second on MJF. Wardlow distracts him from the apron and Guevara knocks him off, but MJF manages to transition into a roll-up whilst holding Guevara’s tights to pick up the win.

Analysis: A pretty fun main event though I feel it went a little long, especially as the show went off the air seconds after MJF pinned Guevara. I guess they were trying to go with a chaotic ending where you’re not really supposed to understand what happened until next week but I don’t think it came across like that. MJF picked up the win after doing almost nothing in the match (and seemingly with the help of Wardlow) which I imagine will tease further dissension between himself and Guevara.

And that was the January 20th edition of AEW Dynamite!

A pretty good episode though I don’t think much of overall consequence really happened apart from Jericho/MJF becoming Inner Circle’s tag team, which I think was to be expected. The show peaked at the opener with the Dark Order’s hilarious antics and whilst there was nothing particularly bad on the show, nothing else really stood out to me. The only other contender was Matt Hardy & Private Party vs Matt Sydal & Top Flight which executed Private Party’s heel turn perfectly but was marred by several botches during the match itself.

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